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Favorite Italian Discoveries of the Year

The wines in last week's tasting were distinguished, affordable and interesting.
June 21, 2023


Favorite Italian Discoveries of the Year


Peter writes,

The wines in last week’s tasting were distinguished, affordable and interesting. The 2021 Benanti Etna Biancoshowed expressive aromatics. Stil light on the palateit will gain depth with age. Now it is great with seafood crudo. The more aromatic and flavorful, 2001 Ciavolich Pecorino Aries and deep balanccd 2021 Bussoletti Trebbiano Spoletino Colle Murello were stonger and impressed tasters more.

The 2020 Benanti Etna Rosso showed the cool fruit and subtle spice. People were more drwn  2021 Barale Langhe Nebbiolo’s rich fruit and greater power. Likewise, Chiara Condello Sangiovese Predappio was balanced and complex with plenty of power also.

This group of very pleasant and very interesting wines. led the value for pocketbook vote for tastings so far this year.


2021 Ciavolich Pecorino Aries: Dry, aromatic and flavorful Very Good to Excellent 21/bottle, Case 17.99

2021 Bussoletti Trebbiano Spoletino Colle Murello: Deep, balanced, complex and unique Excellent 32/bottle, Case 26.99

2021 Benanti Etna Bianco: Tremendous subtle character Excellent 34/bottle, Case 28.99


2020 Benanti Etna Rosso: Great fruit balance with smoky spice Excellent 29.99/bottle, Case 25.99

2021 Barale Langhe Nebbiolo: Great aromatics with depth Excellent 29.99/bottle, Case 25.99

2020 Chiara Condello Sangiovese Predappio: Amazing quality. Complex red fruit and balanced structure Excellent26.99/bottle, Case 22.99


Italian Discoveries Case: Special, two each of the above wines - $297

or make your case of any twelve bottles at their case prices


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Please pass this on to any friends who are wine enthusiasts!


           - Len Rothenberg




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