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Dry Whites for Lunch or Dinner

People divided the wines into two good uses; those They found rich, fleshy, lightly oaked Faiveley Mercurey Blanc their favorite for dining.
July 20, 2022


People divided the wines into two good uses; those They found rich, fleshy, lightly oaked Faiveley Mercurey Blanc their favorite for dining. It had the weight of a Cote de Beaune white burgundy at a much lower price. We have a little over a case left. 

The 2021 Haarmeyer Chenin Blanc is the favorite for light beach/back porch drinking. Tasters liked its delicate, floral fruit aromas and flavors.

We added a wine. The Donnhoff Grauburgunder showed what a top winery could do with Pinot Gris. It had a rich balance that most pinot gris do not often get, t with a stony minerality that made it a powerful and intense bone dry wine with a lot of fruit intensity and potential to improve with age.

Nice comments also for the more delicate burgundian Macon Charnay, and the more mineral but nicely intense 2020 Goisot Bourgogne Cotes d Auxerre;

People also liked the spicy forward fruit of the 2019 Ziereisen Heugumber Gutedel. We have just a case left for 2018.

The Adam showed a bit sweeter than my notes below indicate, and some liked it.




2021 Haarmeyer Chenin Blanc St. Roy SRV- Organic; Aroma: light bright, more citrus note, bright intense, clean, firm, racy; Mouth: fleshy firm, fat nicely structured, a very ripe aftertaste, bright and dry big bodied; Very Good Plus 19.99; Case, 16.99

2019 Ziereisen Heugumber Gutedel; Aroma: heady dense, and savory, rich; Mouth: clean, dry, firm, light but transparently pretty herbal fruit, along with a touch of salinity; Very Good Plus 19.99; Case, 16.99

2020 Donnhoff Grauburgunder Trocken Excellent  $28.99, Case 24.99

2020 AJ Adam Dhron Im Pfarrgarten Riesling Feinherb; Aroma: Reduced, funky, with richness underneath, firm; Mouth: Juicy rich, definitely dry, fat, nicely juicy intensity; Very Good Plus 25.99; Case, 21.99

2020 Jean Manciat Macon Charnay Franclieu; Color: very pale clean; Aroma: very firm, mineral, light flint dense, restrained; Mouth: thick clean, very pure, light, clean firm, perfect balance; Very Good Plus 19.99; Case, 16.99

2020 Goisot Bourgogne Cotes d Auxerre; Color: sweet intense; Aroma: firm, mineral, firm, heady, juicy dry; Mouth: fleshy, bright ripe forward, firm, juicy restrained, firm, very nicely balanced; Very Good Plus 26.99; Case, 22.99

2019 Domaine Faiveley Mercurey Blanc Aroma: Very oaky pretty floral; Mouth: Oaky sense, thick, firm, b one oak tannins; Very Good Plus 40; Mixed Case, 36; Case, 33.99


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