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Different Flavors of Sauvignon Blanc

Tasters preferred the subtler wines. Asked for their favorite, people most often mentioned the delicately limned Domaine Villaudière Sancerre Silex with its soft flourishes of lemongrass and steel or Haut Brion's richer Clarendelle.
June 29, 2022


Tasters preferred the subtler wines. Asked for their favorite, people most often mentioned the delicately limned Domaine Villaudière Sancerre Silex with its soft flourishes of lemongrass and steel or Haut Brion's richer Clarendelle. The latter's oak only added to its finesse. Despite their differences, both wines had a grace that marked them apart from the other, more assertive wines of the tasting.

With one exception, if you judged the favorite by the most depleted bottle, more people asked for a second, and in a couple of naughty but understandable cases, even a third taste of South Africa's piquant and lovely Trezanne Signature Sauvignon Blanc.

Some people liked the zingy assertiveness of Sancerre's neighbor, the Coteaux Giennoise.

Most were awestruck by the richness of the Bevan Sauvignon Blanc, although a couple of people thought it had more oak than they liked. It showed a lot at the tasting, but the bottle should integrate into a very substantial and slightly grassy classic Sauvignon Blanc. 

A couple of tasters strongly preferred the 2021 Dandelion Sauvignon Blanc. The Chateau Recougne got high marks for value. It was rich and solid for a very low price but perhaps too strongly flavored for most tasters.


2020 Ch Recougne Blanc (Bordeaux); Aroma: heady ripe, full, fresh juicy, intense creamy rich, a touch of grapefruit and smoke; Mouth: clean rounded soft and fresh, juicy bright acid, complete very ripe, lemon grapefruit good body; Very Good Plus 14.99; Case, 12.99

2021 Dandelion Sauvignon Blanc Wishing Clock; Aroma: lifted very pretty forward, pretty nose, a touch of fig but bright; Mouth: clean lifted grapefruit again with a touch of fig, bright, juicy, intense acid, long fine, lemony middle, light clean; Very Good Plus 19.99; Case, 16.99

2021 Trizanne Signature Sauvignon Blanc; Aroma: heady dense, smoky, spicy fruit, intense, saline; Mouth: clean, somewhat herbal strong spicy acid notes, herbaceous, very nicely poised; Very Good Plus 19.99; Case, 16.99

2021 Villeargeau Coteaux Giennoise Blanc; Aroma: fresh, robust incisive lime and mineral; Mouth: nice acid drive, good minerality, direct and enlivening, very good intensity and concentration; Very Good Plus 19.99; Case, 16.99

2021 Domaine de la Villaudière Sancerre Silex; Aroma: heady, nicely dense, nicely herbal, rounded, and spicy full; Mouth: very bright young, clean acidity, rich in flavor, a little separate now; Very Good - Excellent 33, Case, 27.99

2020 Clarendelle (Bordeaux); Color: very light gold; Aroma: heady rich, spicy, heady firm; Mouth: bright and juicy with intense bright acid fleshy textured, crisp finish, long; Very Good Plus 22.99; Case, 18.99


Sauvignon Blanc Case two bottles each of the above $189


2021 Bevan Cellars Sauvignon Blanc; Aroma: fresh citric, grapefruit, pretty, grapefruit pith; Mouth: clean and rich, full textured, deep, fine acid, deep full tactile, very long lingering and sweet intense, very rich; Excellent Plus 50 Case, 42.50 This can assort with the wines above at its case price


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