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Christian Moueix

Six Well Reviewed Right Bank 2018s plus His Ulysses "Left Bank" Napa Cabernet
May 25, 2022


Second wines are those from top-notch chateaus amiable, younger and requiring less age to show their stuff. If well made, they can also echo the complexity and interest of the estate's flagship wine.

Last week two second wines most excited tasters' interest. Both were from top-notch chateaus. Both showed a breed unusual for wines at their price points. 

Christian Mouiex thinks that Trotanoy is on its way to becoming one of Pomerol's best chateaux. The Esperance de Trotanoy hinted that his opinion is more than hope

The Annonce de Belelair Monange declared itself an entirely elegant wine, powerful and intense with nicely moving parts. 

The Belair Monange was the most profound of the tasting It had depth and resonance, complexity and full weight 

Was it twice as good as Its second wine at twice the price? Most tasters tasted the present of the wines and thought not. But despite its ripe fruit characteristic of the 2018 Bordeaux vintage, it is for the future, ten years at least. Well stored, it will be extraordinary

I thought that next to the Belair Monange, the Latour a Pomerol was the most intriguing. It had heft and depth, with a teasing complexity of flavors that promised much for the future

Was it worth twice as much as the winery's second wine? 

That said, the most ordered wine was the well-priced Ch Plince.

Full Disclosure: The wines were first uncorked on Sunday, but before the tasting, we judged that they still needed more air, so all were double decanted just before the tasting 

My notes are below.

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2018 Ch Plince  (Pomerol); Color: medium-dark orange edge; Aroma: cocoa, with an edge, intense full well integrated with deep plum, a touch of a matchstick; Mouth: deep full, bright acid, clean fine, still young a little aggressive, in acidity deep cocoa mocha finish; ExcellentReg $75, Prearrival case of six $336 (56)

2018 Ch Rouget (Pomerol); Color: very dark opaque, orange edge; Aroma: deep plum, nicely intense, a sweet ripe note, an earth note, reserved and composed a cherry note, slightly candied wood, chewy with an elusive sweet spice note; Excellent;

Reg $109, Prearrival case of six $480 (80)

2018 Ch Latour a Pomerol (Pomerol); Color: medium red black; Aroma: light on affect, light clean, fresh, light fresh, lifted and firm, rich, plummy; Mouth: smooth oak accented, sweet fruit firm, tannins, very nice balance, light on the finish; Excellent - Outstanding;

Reg $165, Prearrival case of six $744 (124)

2018 Esperance de Trotanoy (Pomerol); Color: very dark sweet firm; Aroma: heady layered and dense, a light tobacco note, a caressing richness, layered; Mouth: clean, restrained direct graphite, light in affect, firm, pretty sweet intense, long, very poised, a little less depth; Excellent

Reg $175, Prearrival case of six $768 (128)


St Emilion

2018 Annonce de Belair-Monange (St. Emilion); Aroma: medium-dark, dense, heady bright, firm, nicely intense, direct, deep plum; Mouth: clean, finely delineated, firm underlying structure, fine tannins, very dense, dark tannic notes, long; Excellent

Reg $139, Prearrival case of six $624 (104)

2018 Ch. Belair-Monange (St. Emilion 1er Grand Cru); Aroma: medium-dark, dense, heady bright, firm, nicely intense, direct, deep plum; Mouth: clean, finely delineated, firm underlying structure, fine tannins, very dense, dark tannic notes, long, deep and rich; OutstandingReg $300, Prearrival case of six $1349 (224.83)


These wines are offered at direct-from-importer prices

 and will arrive in ten days to 2 weeks,


Three Vintage of Ulysses

If Ch. Petrus inspired Moueix to create Dominus, then Cabernet-based Ulysses is his answer to a top Pauillac or St.Julien chateau. The same team makes both small production from their neighboring vineyards

2014 Ulysses Cabernet Sauvignon; Color: very dark; Aroma: creamy, reserved bright currant with a light herbal note, very clean, bright, soft fruit; Mouth: dense sweet, bright pure fine acid, nicely melded firm, some tobacco chocolate note, light on the finish; Excellent - Outstanding;

2015 Ulysses Cabernet Sauvignon; Aroma: chewy intense, chocolate, deep unsweetened chocolate, dark, rich; Mouth: dark chocolate, full, firm tannin, elegant, sweet fruit; Excellent - Outstanding;


2014 Ulysses- Robert Parker

92% Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The wine is dense purple, with sweet cedar wood, unsmoked cigar tobacco, crème de cassis, and black raspberries in a classic, almost St.-Julien/Pauillac style

Reg $192, $159 Net per bottle)


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