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The June Federal Case
June 8, 2022





2020 Vetriccie Bianco

2020 Vetriccie Bianco; Aroma: heady citric lemon over pear; Mouth: juicy fresh, very summery, fat, good acidity, lively & rounded. good length; Very Good 12.99; Case, 10.99


2020 Jo Landron Muscadet Amphibolite

2020 Jo Landron Muscadet Amphibolite; Aroma: Reserved to start, clean light acid; Mouth: Rounded fruit, citrus, and saline light barrel, and earth notes, ripe, rounded acid on a long finish; Very Good Plus 18.99 Case, 15.99


2020 Haarmeyer Chenin Blanc SRV Sutter Ranch St. Rey

2020 Haarmeyer Chenin Blanc SRV Sutter Ranch St. ReyOrganic; Color: very light, clean, pretty; Mouth: fleshy, bright acid, very lush & peachy, good finish; Very Good Plus 18.99; Case, 15.99




2021 Domaine la Blaque Pierrevert Rose

2021 Domaine la Blaque Pierrevert RoseOrganic- Biodynamic; Color: light rose; Aroma: clean pretty, very fresh, elegant, fresh, pretty, nice mineral and acid; Mouth: rich rounded fleshy, very nice spicy, fruity, good weight, and breadth of fruit, very bright, very clean peach notes; Very Good Plus 19.99; Case, 16.99




2019 Golden West Pinot Noir The Promise

2019 Golden West Pinot Noir The PromiseOrganic; Color: medium-dark, unfiltered; Aroma: heady and sweet, dense, clean & firm; Mouth: juicy dark fruit rounded sweet, nicely offset by a nice acid core rather long; Very Good Plus19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99


2020 Mauro Molino Langhe Nebbiolo:

2020 Mauro Molino Langhe Nebbiolo: Bright light ruby. With modest grip, aromas, and flavors of rose, violets, deep fruit, and medium tannins. Good balance. Very Good to Excellent 19.99; Case, 16.99


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