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Port plus One
January 11, 2023



Port Plus One



Quinta Val D Maria White Port (Aperitif) Round fruit, crisp aftertaste. Would you like a lemon with that? Very Good 15.99, 13.59case

Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Tawny; Color: Light reddish brown; Aroma: Light, clean, racy  firm, clean, precise; Mouth: Smooth lightish clean, racy acidity,  elegant, clean, firm, sweet finish; Very Good Plus $37; Case, $31.45

2002 Mas Blanc (Parce) Banyuls Collection; Color: Light red-brown; Aroma: Fresh, clean, rather rich, nuanced, and subtle; Mouth: Semi -bright meddled fruit, clean, firm, long; Excellent $40; Case, $34

Graham's Six Grapes; Color: very dark; Aroma: heady sweet, very dense, some breadth soft, a bit of nut; Mouth: thick sweet fullish, fat, light on its feet, clean pure; Very Good Plus $27.99; Case, $23.79

2016 Taylor Fladgate LBV; Aroma: Heady, rather dense, firmly structured, dense & heady; Mouth: Bright, sweet, full rounded, nice cherry acidity forward long; Very Good Plus $26.99; Case, $22.94

2011 Graham's Port; Aroma: Very heady dryish leathery full, very rich more than sweet; Mouth: Very thick, rich, dense, full, very rich sweet, very deep, lots of leather well-structured long; Excellent $118; Case, $100


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