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Barbecue, with Special Guests Akiko Shiba and Chris Wichern

The buzz was that the quality of the wines was very good. Perhaps I contributed to a greater than normal amount of double entendre in the repartee, with the  Rhode Island contingent being especially guilty.
June 28, 2017


The wines varied a lot in style so individual preferences tending to determine favorites. That said, the most praise seemed to be lavished on the Rider Estate Pinot Noir. "This is really good"  "Is it really from California?" "At this price?" It did show a bit more wood than the tasting notes below.

2013 Zenato Alanera Rosso Veronese got a lot of mentions for its medium body and subdued spice. "Very tasty.". Even though we have already sold a lot of cases,many went out at the tasting.

The 2016 Domaine Houchart Cotes de Provence Blanc was lean and crisp with the refreshing citrus tropical fruit that makes it a very nice crisp wine for summer aperitif or with grilled fish.

Likewise the 2016 Domaine Fouquette Cotes de Provence Cuvee Rosé d'Aurore had a distinctly dry herbaceousness that made it good companion for lighter dishes.

The 2014 Ch. Virgile Costieres de Nimes Cuvee l'Eneide  and 2013 Dievole Chianti Classico were deeper and heavier than the other two better for steak and lamb than the others.



2016 Domaine Houchart Cotes de Provence Blanc; Aroma: Very clean racy fine acidity   Bright intense ; Mouth: Ripe full with air becomes very dense thick  sweet very intense thick full rich; Very Good Plus 14.99; Mixed Case, 13.49; Case, 12.74


  2016 Domaine Fouquette Cotes de Provence Cuvee Rosé d'Aurore ; Aroma: fresh , very pretty, nicely fragrant; Mouth: clean nicely tight firm, ripe fruit , elegant, poised, ba; restrained finish; Very Good Plus 18.99; Mixed Case, 17.09; Case, 16.14


  2014 James Bryant Hill Central Coast Pinot Noir: Medium ruby. Aromas and flavors of raspberry, cherry and notes of toast and a silky texture. Very Good Plus  14.99; Mixed Case, 13.49; Case, 12.74

2013 Zenato Alanera Rosso Veronese:  Deep bright ruby. Aromas and flavors of dark cherries, balsam and spice. The richness is balanced by just the right structure. Incredibly versatile with food. I can’t believe I’m saying this at this price- Very Good to Excellent  17.99; Mixed Case, 16.19; Case, 15.29

2014 Ch. Virgile Costieres de Nimes Cuvee l'Eneide; Aroma: very heady very rich dense, light oak, rather extracted, heady very clean, pretty, floral rosy, rather oaky; Mouth: smooth very rich oaky , rather dense fleshy extracted, rather firm, rather dense, thick long ; Very Good Plus 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99

2013 Dievole Chianti Classico: Deep ruby. Aromas and flavors of dark cherry, leather tobacco and spice with notes of flowers and balsa, Great depth in the long finish. Very Good to Excellent  18.99; Mixed Case, 17.09; Case, 16.14


  6-28 BBQ Case: Special, two each of the above wines - $181

Instore only 6-28 BBQ Pack: Special, one each of the above wines - $96


Two Special Guests Last Week

Akiko Shiba and Chris Wichern

Akiko and Chris are very interesting and charming people, making very interesting and charming wines. She learned to make a different style of Pinot Noir at the University of Geisenheim in Germany and apprenticed at Adelsheim and Domaine Serene, but said that her strongest influence came from her time with the more delicate sculpted style of Evesham Wood, a small but excellent winery.

While her wines were flavorful, they were spare, concise and note-perfect in a style as mannered and quiet as a Japanese tea service. Not that Akiko was in any way a geisha; her real accomplishments are of a more technical sort.

People liked the wines, with the most ordered the Rose and Willamette Pinot is in stock; the Rose will arrive in two weeks.   

2015 Shiba Wichern Pinot Noir Rose; Color: very pale light tan; Aroma: fresh bright acid, pretty,  clean  light almost, rosemary or thyme; Mouth: clean lightly minty, firm, rounded bright acid, very tight; Very Good Plus 27.99; Mixed Case, 25.19; Case, 23.79

2014 Shiba Wichern Pinot Noir Willamette; Aroma: clean fresh, , pretty a touch of eucalyptus, , rounded heady deep fruit, , lightly fresh; Mouth: clean very pure elegant rather clean, fine acidity, sculpted and spare, very elegant, pretty, clean herbal well structured; Very Good Plus 29.99; Mixed Case, 26.99; Case, 25.49

2014 Shiba Wichern Pinot Noir Havlin; Color: very light pretty ; Aroma: aromatic,  juicy, very dense , heady   fuller in the nose, fresh very aromatic, ; Mouth: juicy light higher toed, fleshy, still spare; Very Good Plus 41.5; Mixed Case, 37.35; Case, 35.28


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