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Byron Kosuge - Pinot Noir + Friends on California's North Coast

Those who braved the heat last week were rewarded with Byron's intelligent, interesting explanations of how and for what he makes his wines.
June 19, 2024


Those who braved the heat last week were rewarded with Byron's intelligent, interesting explanations of how and for what he makes his wines.

The wines themselves were even better. The Syrah stole the show as it does almost every year. At fourteen years old, it was even better than last year, more ample and round with the classic Syrah. savory spice. It is a bargain compared to even some Northern Rhones.

The Pinot Noirs showed above their prices. His Chardonnay and Gamay were bothe excellent. Fine winemaking here.

Byron Kosuge


2022 Chardonnay Sonoma Coast; Aroma: Heady, rich, and intense with herbal notes; Mouth: Clean sweet forward, intense, dry minerally, firm, lean acidity, good length; Very Good - Excellent $43; Prearrival Case, $35



2022 Pinot Noir Rose; Color: very light clean fresh; Aroma: fresh rounded fresh, a touch of melon; Mouth: clean, bright, nice lemony acidity, clean finish, long; Very Good Plus $23.99; Prearrival Case, $19.99



2022 Gamay Noir Carneros; Color: medium dark; Aroma: Lightly mineral, lightly herbal, herbal and nuanced, deep layered, light pretty lift; Mouth: Clean, light bright but with layered quality, bright acid, good intensity, young; Very Good Plus $32; Prearrival Case, $26


2021 Pinot Noir El Galpon Carneros; a deeper version of The Shop Very Good Plus $40; Prearrival Case $32


2022 Pinot Noir The Shop Carneros; Color: Medium dark; Aroma: Firm, rounded soft, black fruit, pretty and intense, nicely rich, enveloping; Very Good Plus $43; Prearrival Case, $35


2022 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast; Color: Light red; Aroma: Light fresh, clean, softly herbal, assertive round red fruit, fragrant, raspberry; Mouth: Bright acid, clean, supple, mouth-filling, bright intense, fine acid, very clean, lithe; Very Good - Excellent $45; Prearrival Case, $36


2009 Syrah Hudson; Aroma: heady lifted, aromatic bacon, rich & sweet, tapenade; Mouth: sweet, dense, fine avid, dark, jammy fresh, secondary notes, fine tannins, low toned long; Excellent $45; Prearrival Case, $36


2020 McIntyre Vineyards Dornfelder; Color: very dark black red; Aroma: light, heady, fresh, pretty, juicy, and fine; Mouth: clean, light, angular in the back, firm, heady, richly dense fruit, long; Very Good Plus $37; Prearrival case, $29.99


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