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William Fevre’s 2018 La Mision Chardonnay was the most purchased white, although it behaved differently than it had when I tasted it a few months ago.
June 19, 2019


Then it seemed like an almost classicly structured Chablis. Last week it gushed rich tropical -fruit infused quince and did not approach what I ahd sdscribed until the end of the tasting. I did not like it as much. The vox populidid. More bottles of it went home with people that night than anything else. In the tasting

The 2017 Diora Pinot Noir was second and the doyenne of the reds. People loved its richness and depth at its low $20s price.They thought the Nielson was ok, but felt that the Diora was much better for little more. The 2015 J Christopher Pinot Noir Volcanique appealed to Pinot enthusiasts. It was on entirely a different level, a wine of detail & finesse.

         Last week’s crowd had eurocentric palates. California’s Talbott Chardonnay Kali Hartgot little comment. , But the 2016 St. Innocent Chardonnay Freedom Hill Chardonnay was liked for its linear dry steel and sold out. 



2016 Talbott Chardonnay Kali Hart;Aroma: lightly herbal, firm, rather clean, nice mineral acid; Mouth: clean & rich, juicy, fine acid nice balance, mouth clinging, light clean acidity; Very Good Plus 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99

2016 St. Innocent Chardonnay Freedom Hill; sold Out

2018 La Mision Chardonnay(William Fevre); Very Good Plus 16.99; Mixed Case, 15.29; Case, 14.44



2016 Nielson Pinot Noir; Color: medium dark, ; Aroma: deep fat juicy rather bright berry notes, cola; Mouth: juicy forward & fleshy, clean plummy very juicy, nice balancing acidity, long dark berry notes; Very Good Plus 17.99; Mixed Case, 16.19; Case, 15.29

2017 Diora Pinot Noir; Color: very dark hue, medium depth; Aroma: heady full, , aromatic, rather clean, a touch closed; Mouth: clean rather deep plum, very black fruit, dense fine acidity rather rich, full, fine tannins, fine acid; Very Good Plus21.99; Mixed Case, 19.79; Case, 18.69

2015 J Christopher Pinot Noir Volcanique; Color: light red black, ; Aroma: very pretty very fresh, pretty fine acid, firm, clean, lifted pretty; Mouth: clean lightly oaked sweet fruit, bright acid lively and balanced, nice texture, rather fine & poised; Very Good - Excellent32; Mixed Case, 28.8; Case, 27.2


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