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Make Your August Sparkle

No surprise to us, the organically grown Bohigas Brut Reserva Cava went home with the most people.
August 14, 2019


At 14.99 it’s not only one of our least expensive sparkling wines, but its clean flavors and purity make it incredibly good for its price. One family who came scouting for a special event toast wine took a case.

            It was a surprise that the one sparkling red, the 2017 Tollara Gutturnio Frizzante was almost as popularIt was a tasting outlier, richer andsmooth without being heavy,its depth, nicely offset by a pleasant burr of a fizz. The bubbles complemented rather than fought the wine, which is less usual in a red sparkler. 

            The 2016 Merotto Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore’s rich leesy notes made it much more serious than the mostly innocuous wines of its type. From Prossecco’s premium area from a premium grape ,it is deep enough to accompany a meal.

The 2013 Cantina della Volta en Biancowas not your father's Lem Briscoe. Although still made from indigenous grapes, La Volta was the region’s first winery to use the traditional Champagne method. You could have mistaken it for a much more expensive French wine. It was creamy and smooth, with even a touch of delicacy.

            People liked the round fruit and delicate peach notes of the single vineyard Domaine J. Laurens Clos des Demoiselles. Made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, at a much lower price, it too could pass for a true champagne.

            The Pierre GerbaisGrains de Cellesdistinguished itself through a greater degree of finesse. Mostly Pinot Noir, it was an exemplary example of its Cote de Bar  subregion of Champagne.


Sparkles and Fizz


2016 Merotto Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore:  Great beginning for any celebration.  Very GoodPlus  19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99

2017 Tollara Gutturnio Frizzante:  Like they have been doing for hundreds of years in Piacenza, have this cold with a group of friends and family over a selection of salumi, bread and cheese. You will have a great time.  Very Very Good Plus  21; Mixed Case, 18.9; Case, 17.85

2013 Cantina della Volta Lambrusco en Bianco:  You can use this best around here with a selection of oysters and seafood crudo. A match made in heaven.  Very Good to Excellent34; Mixed Case, 30.6; Case, 28.9

Bodegas Bohigas Brut Reserva Cava- Organic; Aroma: Bright rather rich clean dusty dry; Mouth: very very pretty fruit very pretty ; Very Good Plus14.99; Mixed Case, 13.49; Case, 12.74

2016 Domaine J Laurens Cremant de Limoux Clos des Demoiselles; Aroma: Fresh rather lively clean; Mouth: Clean light lithe & lively fresh lightly acid, pear notes  rather rich and full, light leesy notes; Very Good Plus 24.99; Mixed Case, 22.49; Case, 21.24

Pierre Gerbais Grains de Celles Extra Brut; Color: No sulfur; Aroma: Light,y heady rather lifted; Mouth: Clean pretty rather firm, sweet, juicy, fine acid; Very Good - Excellent43; Mixed Case, 38.7; Case, 36.55


August Sparkling Case: Special, two each of the above wines - $269

Instore only August Sparkling Pack: Special, one each of the above wines - $143

mix any 6- 11 above wines for 10% off

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           - Len Rothenberg