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Hot Weather BBQ

The Nero du Munti's 'Salvador Dali' mustache' was irresistible to most of the tasters and went home the most.
June 22, 2022


Opinions divided on the two roses. Some preferred Iby Blaufrankisch's richer fruit; others the 2021 Montenidoli Canaiolo Rosato's comparative elegance .

Much good comment about the herbal freshness of the 2021 City Limits Roussanne.




2021 City Limits Roussanne This Washington version of the grape has the best of north and southern Rhone with nice intensity, middleweight, enlivening acidity, and distinctive herbal spice.

Color: pale yellow-green; Mouth: thick and smooth to the tongue, not heavy bright green plum, very long bright spice; Very Good Plus $21.99, 19.99 by the case 5 cases only




2021 Weingut Iby Lehrner Rose Blaufrankisch From Austria is a fresh fruit spicy, balanced and versatile example. 

Salmon Pink. Strawberry, raspberry, and cherry with a citric lift. Currants with spicy acidity. Pleasant and vibrant with a creamy texture and flinty finish. Very Good Plus17.99/bottle, case $189 (15.75/bottle)

2021 Montenidoli Canaiolo Rosato A Tuscan Rosato from a special clone of the native Canaiolo. It is a wine with soul and both a feminine and masculine character.

Salmon pink. Raspberries and violets, a note of orange blossom. Full, very dry, with crisp modulated acidity. Long mineral complex finish. Excellent 24.99/bottle, Case 251.88, 20.99 the case




2018 Caravaglio Nero du Munti From vineyards in a volcano on an island off the coast of Sicily. The grape is Corinto Nero. This wine is like a Sangiovese with a Salvador Dali mustache.

Bright ruby. Dark cherries, roses, and caper blossoms swirl around an exotic spice. Shows a layered texture and a balanced finish. Versatile. Excellent 24.99/bottle Case 251.88, 20.99 the case

2018 Groundwork Syrah Central Coast is a pure expression of the grape, a wine of clarity with depth and dark fruit. It slides smoothly over the tongue with enough dark power to compliment spicy marinades. 

Color: purple-black; Aroma: juicy forward, intensely fruity, vibrant, good depth like a more modern northern Rhone, heady deep, earthy, fresh, and spicy; Very Good Plus 22.99; Case, 19.99

2019 Ste Pauline Terrasses du Larzac Clos du Serres  One of our heartier Rhone-style favorites over the last few years. This Languedoc echos more expensive Cotes du Rhone commune wines with finer delineation and just as much power. 

Color: Medium-dark; Aroma: Head and rich, heady dark and full; Mouth: ripe, clean light currant raspberry, juicy, clean acid, delineated over dark rich Syrah; Very Good Plus 22.99; case 19.99


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