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Feasting on a Budget

We were pleased that people liked the wines a lot and thought them very good values.
November 13, 2019


The 2017 Steinschaden Gruner Veltliner was a favorite for its lively vibrant fruit whose herbal notes made it much more resonant. Everybody liked it.

Rich or sweet? Tasters were divided about the 2017 Laurent Barth Racines Metisses. It certainly had elements of both. It showed sumptuously rich and soft in its and had a very satisfying mouth feel. Some found an element of sweetness on the finish a bit too much. Others thought it nicely complementary. It would be great with turkey with fruit stuffing.

First opened the 2017 Perroud Brouilly Amethyste showed gamy with some reduction. It is a young wine. With airing  - we’d suggest an hour or so -  it became very rich and broad, losing its funky note but showing a rather solid tannic element under are very rich fruit. Incidently Stavros a regular taster with some knowledge of Greek told u that the Roor of the word amethyst means not drunk, a happy coincidence.

We’d also recommend opening the 2015 Mesoneros de Castillo Ribera del Duero well in advance. A number had bought the previous vintage  and liked this younger version. It seemed like a Spanish parallel to cabernet but with striking characteristics of the tempranillo grape.

Many thought the 2016 Mas Carlot Les Enfants Terribles Costieres de Nimes. had a lot of depth and even some earthy complexity for a very low price.

            People liked the Grifalco Aglianico del Vulture but it turned out that the importer did not have nearly enough left to cover the orders. They offered  the more expensive Luigi Maffini Aglianico Kleos from Campania instead. It is certainly just as good. Most people will find it fuller and better. We will substitute it for the Grifalco for orders already placed at no extra charge and continue to offer it at its regular $21 price.


11-12 Budget Feast  Case: Special, two each of the above wines - $183

Instore only 11-12 Budget Feast Pack: Special, one each of the above wines - $97


Rose goes with turkey also

2018 Ch. Roquefort CĂ´tes de Provence Rose CorailOrganic, Biodynamic; Aroma: Fresh pretty rounded nicely fleshy & floral; Mouth: Clean bright a nice concentration, nice intensity, rather Broad sweet fruit, a light mineral undertone, finishes broad and deep; Very Good Plus 16.99; Mixed Case, 15.29; Case, 14.44


mix any 6- 11 of the above wines for 10% off

any 12 or more for 15% off


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           - Len Rothenberg