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Many wines left the store last week. A few sold-out but we have from bottles to about a case left of the wines below and will honor the special sale discounts until the end of this week, or they are gone.
September 5, 2019


People were especially attracted to the value for the money of the Vinho Verde. the delicacy of the Touraize Arbois Chardonnay, the complexity of Henry PellĂ© Menetou Salon Sauvignon Blanc, the intense saline fruit of the Etna Bianco.

Take 15% off on any 6 to 11bottles from the list below, 25% on 12 or more, for wines we still have at the time of your order. Discounts are good on wines that have already been discounted from their normal price 

Among the reds it was the agedcomplexity of Terrisses Gaillac, the power of the Pomies-Agassac, the oaked richness of the Prima Toro, and most impressive the 2016 Clos St. Antonin Chateauneuf du Papewhich combines the best characteristics of all the previous wines.



2018 Ponte Vinho Verde Branco: Light straw with green highlights. Citrus notes and a touch of saltiness and a refreshing light spritz. Very Good  9.99  about a case

2016 Cave Mont Blanc, Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle Extreme an extraordinary wine, especially for the price Very Good Plus Was $22; Now 16.99  bottles left

2016 Domaine de la Touraize Arbois Chardonnay En Flandre- Organic; Aroma: very fresh rounded nice depth, deep a hint of anise, light green herb; Mouth: smooth raher rich textured, firm, dry, very dense, stone fruit, apple, very clean rounded finish; Very Good Plus 26.99 bottles left

2017 Domaine Henry PellĂ© Menetou Salon Les Blanchais; Aroma: light clean raher fresh, clean pretty, rather fine rather pretty, some depth, ; Mouth: clean light fresh, deep mineral, raher fleshy, bright acid, mineral subdued, very nice balance, al dente, long; Very Good - Excellent 29.99 99  about a case

2018 Tornatore Etna Bianco: Lime, pear and peach all dance around a balanced frame with good acidity and notes of saline white pepper. Very Good Plus to Excellent 26.99 bottles left



2017 Dom des Chesnaies (Boucard) Bourgueil Cuvee des Chesnais; Color: medium dark, opaque; Aroma: pretty, heady sweet rather intense, dense sweet ripe fruit, full, ; Mouth: clean rather fine, smooth, herbal deep, sweet acid finish, rather long; Very Good 12.9999  about a cas

2017 Domaine Petroni Vin de Corse; Color: very dark; Mouth: juicy forward r bright clean firm, tight acid, fine tannins, long; Very Good Plus 14.99

2014 Domaine des Terrisses Gaillac Terres Originelles; Aroma: fruity, marked by oak, rather dense, fresh, very pretty, ; Mouth: clean fresh very hearty base rather dense lightly clean pretty layered, elegant and prettily ripe, fine tannins tight clean, firm; Very Good - Excellent 23.99 bottles left

2014 Ch Pomies-Agassac (Haut Medoc); Color: very dark and opaque; Aroma: dense spicy cabernet notes, very rich, with dusty graphite, very masculine; Mouth: broad smooth and flowing, robust cabernet in the center, fine mouth-clinging tannins on a long finish; Very Good Plus 18.99 about a case

2015 San Roman Prima Toro: Slightly spicy with rich flavors of red fruit. It is balanced by fresh acidity and moderate tannin. Very Good Plus $22.99 about a case

2016 Clos St. Antonin Chateauneuf du Pape; Color: medium dark; Aroma: pretty rather fine clean, some edge, nicely firm, herbal, spicy; Mouth: clean sweet dense lighter firm, elegant, long herbal finish; Excellent 55   about a case


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