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Bargains in Overlooked 'Misfit' Wines

Several have sold out but. But we still have a few of the two tasters' favorites.
January 25, 2023


Bargains in Overlooked 'Misfit' Wines


Len writes,

Several have sold out but. But we still have a few of the two tasters' favorites.

People loved the Jaun Gill blue label. A swirl of luscious fruit. It was graceful and rich on the palate with long spicy, intriguingly complex flavors as a rich and very long aftertaste.


Spain, Jumilla Monastrell

2019 Juan Gill Blue Label


For something completely different: There is cabernet sauvignon In Juan Gil's Blue Label, Syrah, too. The primary grape is Monastrell which in Spain's Jumilla is riper and fleshier than it is under the name Mourvedre elsewhere. From very old Monastrell vineyards - French and American oak here, juicy and a blast of mouth-filling fruit. Zinfandel fans will love it

2019 Juan Gil Blue Label; Color: ruby black; Aroma: floral and aromatic, very ripe black fruit spice; Mouth: juicy and mouth filling. Fleshy, exuberant blue fruit succulent with mice underlying tannin finishes long and ripe; Very Good - Excellent $35; Case, 29.99

White burgundy lovers know that its grape is Chardonnay (less often Aligote) and that the best of them come from the Cote de Beaune. The white misfit that delighted last week's tasters was neither. 

Jerome Chezeaux 2019 Bourgogne Blanc comes from his home vineyard near Nuits St. Georges where he grows a white variant of Pinot, burgundy's other allowed grape. It has the crisp dry outline of classic white burgundy but with a note more of spiced cortland apple than you get in Chardonnay based wines. The full-bodied 2019 is just entering its plateau of best drinking. It is big enough to partner white meats as well as seafood We  have four cases left.

2019 Jerome Chezeaux Bourgogne Blanc (Pinot Blanc) Very Good- Excellent Was $40, Now $29.99, Case  24.99 

Most of the other ones sold out, but we do have a little bit more of this:


2017 Domaine Ogereau Anjou Villages Cote de la Houssaye-

Cabernet Sauvignon; Tannins Soft as a Cat's Purr


The Loire valley is famous for its whites and rounded cabernet franc reds, But cabernet sauvignon? Almost alone, Ogereau has been growing it on the stony schist of its la Houssaye vineyard for decades. I loved their 2002 on release, cellared, and took pleasure in my last bottle only a decade ago. The 2017 is just like it, a dense, smooth, and nuanced, unmistakably cabernet sauvignon whose tannins don't bark but are soft as a cat's purr.

2017 Domaine Ogereau Anjou Villages Cote de la Houssaye- Organic; Color: very purple; Aroma: lightly spiced, very rich, intense, clean, pretty, fine; Mouth: thick, very dense, smooth, heady, classic dark currant, in an elegant format; Excellent was $40 Now 29.99; case, 24.99


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           - Len Rothenberg




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