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Marc Colin, "the finest wines in Chassagne"

"2019 is a miraculous year, what a great vintage!" - Revue du Vin de France
March 19, 2021



The Marc Colin estate was inherited by his sons. Bruno and Phillipe set up their own domaines. Joseph and Damien kept the Marc Colin name for theirs. Joseph recently left to go on his own, freeing Damien and his sister to make the Marc Colin wines with their own vision, that of coaxing fuller maturity from the grapes to reduce the need for oak to soften the wine. The RVF judged this "a successful bet. HIs 2019 are exceptional."

 Last December they blind-tasted 70 2019 Chassagnes, vineyard by vineyard from village to grand cru. In a very fine group, they rated Damien Colin's the best of each Chassagne 1er cru he makes.

Demand in France is very strong. I am buying some of these for myself and recommend them highly. All requests are subject to confirmation from the estate. We can not take any orders after next midweek as the later we put in our order, the more likely we will miss out on some wines.

Notes are from the RVF  and Neal Martin in Vinous.


St. Aubin 1er Cru

St. Aubin, higher and cooler than neighboring Chassagne was advantaged in the hot 2019 vintage The RVF did not taste them this time. Neal Martin judged them on or near par with Chassagnes.  They are great values.

St Aubin Chateniere

"one of my favourite cuvées from Damien Colin. This has a precise and classically styled bouquet with crushed rocks mixed with yellow flowers. There is a touch of reduction that works to its favour. The palate is well balanced with a fine bead of acidity, taut and fresh with lip-smacking acidity. It remains controlled on the finish - so that you get the feeling it is keeping something back in reserve. Keep a cellar handy. " $59 Net


22019 Saint-Aubin Les Combes 

"blessed with an outstanding bouquet with crushed rocks and flint combining succinctly with the green apple aromas. Classic in style. The palate is very well balanced with a fine thread of acidity. Yes, there is some creamy oak to be assimilated in this Saint-Aubin, but all the elements are in place for one of Colin’s finest offerings from his "home" appellation.   $55 Net

St Aubin Charmois

"a very clean and precise bouquet not a million miles away from the Les Combes in style. Very terroir expressive. The palate is well balanced with an effervescent and lively opening of orange zest and blood orange. Superb acidity here, very vivid and nervous on the finish. One of the most intellectual of Colin’s Saint-Aubins this vintage. $55 net

2019 Saint-Aubin Sous Roches Dumay

"a precise and focused bouquet, traces of oyster shell intermixed with yellow fruit, a hint of nectarine. The palate is very well balanced with a fine line of acidity, more weight than En Créots with a spiciness that floods the mouth on its way out, ensuring that you will not forget it in a hurry. Very penetrating, this is a sublime Saint- Aubin. $55 net

Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru

Chassagne Chenevottes 

"Even though it is at the foot of the slope, it shows a minty freshness and vivacity. As Damien Colin points out, the [heat of] climate variation is less apparent in its clayey soils. Hence the nuance and purity of this pretty  2019." RVF

a crisp and precise bouquet with crushed rock and subtle marine scents developing in the glass, later a hint of lemon curd. The palate is very well balanced with a dab of white chocolate and hazelnut on the entry, good depth on the mid-palate with an entrancing finish that just misses the persistent aftertaste compared to Colin’s other three Chassagnes. Still, should age with style. Neal Martin  $90 net

Chassagne Champs Gain 1er cru

From the start it develops  pretty and dynamic, but the vintage's glycerol gives it beautiful breadth.  RVF

"more reserved on the nose compared to the Chenevottes, touches of lemon rind and light fumé aromas. The palate is very well balanced with a crisp opening. Quintessentially Chassagne, there are lovely orange pith and tangerine notes coming through towards the finish with a long spicy aftertaste tinged with crème brûlée. Excellent. " Neal Martin  $90 net

Chassagne En Cailleret 1er cru

"the most mineral-drive of Colin’s Chassagnes, very precise with touches of jasmine and mirabelle developing with time. Very intellectual. The palate is very well balanced with a fine bead of acidity, saline in the mouth with a harmonious, compact, and long finish. Real energy here, this is a deeply impressive Chassagne. Outstanding. Neal Martin

"Imposingly energetic and vivacious, it draws a straight line on the palate  as if the vintage character were fused into the sensation of very active limestone" RVF   $99Net


Le Montrachet

The  RVF rated this just a smidgeon below Comte Lafon Montrachet

Domaine Marc Colin et Fils

The vines are in the highest part of Montrachet, in the south of the cru. Despite a strong sense of mineral and pebble, its presence is of power and softness. This magisterial rendition shows great serenity. Its energy derives as much from the limestone that bears it, as from the wind in its part of Montrachet. RVF

"There are two barrels this year, one new and the other used. It has a reserved nose at first, nicely detailed with touches of white flower infusing the green apple, nettle and oyster shell aromas. The palate is very well balanced with a fine bead of acidity, a touch creamy in texture with a delicate accent of spice towards the finish, flanked by hazelnut and praline notes. Complex yet backward, this is an impressive Montrachet that should give up to 30 years of drinking pleasure. Is it the best ever produced? Maybe not.  -- Neal Martin, Vinous - Maybe yes?   $925 Net


Arrival late spring


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           - Len Rothenberg




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