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Two Great Expressions of Great Value Sangiovese

2017 San Guglielmo Brunello di Montalcino + 2021 Valter Mattoni Sangiovese CoseCose
March 13, 2023




The 2021 Valter Mattoni Sangiovese CoseCose is from a single vineyard in Castorano's Piceno area of the Marche. The 2017 San Gugliamo Brunello di Montalcino is from the village of Montalcino in Tuscany.

Valter is a true farmer, a natural artist with a boisterous personality. Mike and Ilaria at San Guglielmo practice sustainable farming, focusing on biodiversity. Both producers are simply interested that their wines truly express their place.

Both have very small production. Only about 170 cases of the 2021 CoseCose and the 2017 San Guglielmo are produced from only 2 hectares of very high-elevation Sangiovese Grosso vines surrounded by forest.

Valter's wine has a pure and pronounced character. He also practices sustainable farming. Mike and Ilaria explain how their wine's medium-bodied, tension-driven, pure-fruited style is true to the land. We also find a certain harmony and expansive breadth in this wine.

Two styles of Sangiovese. Valter's sits comfortably at the table like a member of the family. Mike and Ilaria show the depth and elegance of fine Brunello.


2021 Valter Mattoni Sangiovese CoseCose: This is a wine that really sings. You can smell and taste the natural broad-shouldered fruit that pays homage to the long family tradition of homemade wine. The structure and the balance are very fine. Excellent 25/bottle  Case $263.88 (21.99/bottle)

2017 San Guglielmo Brunello di Montalcino: Deep cherry fruit with some flowers, earth, and spice. Expresses a lot of grace and an unmistakable Montalcino character. Harmonious finish with great balancing acidity. Outstanding 59/bottle, Case of Six: $299 ( 49.83)


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           - Peter Hemenway




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