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The Wines of This Week's Tasting:

Giorgio Rivetti - The wines of La Spinetta and Contratto
November 2, 2022



The wines of La Spinetta and Contratto


2017 Contratto Brut Rose For England:  48/bottle Mix six: 41/bottle

2019 La Spinetta Barbera Ca di Pian: 27/bottle Mix six: 23/bottle

2019 La Spinetta Langhe Nebbiolo: 36/bottle  Mix six: 31/bottle

2018 Casanova della Spinetta Chianti Riserva: 32/bottle Mix six 27/bottle

2019 La Spinetta Barbaresco Gallina: 176/bottle Mix six 149/bottle

2019 La Spinetta Barbaresco Starderi: 176/bottle Mix six: 149/bottle



 Any six - 11 bottles of the above for a mixed case price

 Any twelve bottles of the above for a 15% discount


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