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The Symbiosis in a Bottle

2020 Virgen de Galir Godello Valdeorras + 2017 Bussoletti Trebbiano Spoletino Colle Murello
September 22, 2022


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Today we are offering two great whites. Both are the product of a unique grape in symbiosis with territory and heritage. The 2020 Virgin Galir Godello Valdeorris is from Galicia in the mountains of northwest Spain. Virgen de Galir is in Entona at high altitude. The soils are very rocky. Here Miguel Tienda and Jorge Navascues make their wine in a classic traditional style.

The 2017 Bussoletti Colle Murello from Narni in the hills of Umbria is made from the Spoletinoclone of Trebbiano, which is only grown near the village of Spoleto. The tiny amount of this grape can make some of Italy’s most outstanding whites. Leonardo Bussoletti is in Narni in Umbria..

Both producers understand the goal of making wine into poetry. Both of these wines are full-flavored and complex. Both can trace their history back to ancient Roman times.


2020 Virgen Galir de Godello Valdeorras: Straw, green highlights. Briny grapefruit and smoky minerality. Pear, almond, citrus blossom, and note of beeswax. Bright, full-bodied, focused and complex. Good grip, framing acidity, long balanced finish. Excellent  26.99/bottle

2017 Bussoletti Trebbiano Spoletino Colle Murello: Bright straw. Savory and complex. Full flavored with balsam, citrus and white flowers. Rich mouthfeel, good acidity, long finish. Excellent  32/bottle


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