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Summertime Spirits; Rum and Gin

Now at Federal, special rums and gins to make your summer evenings perfect. Plus, save the day - Thursday 6-13 - Glendronach Tasting. Read on...
June 3, 2024



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By the early 18th century, Boston had many rum distilleries for export and local consumption. Rum became one of the most important early commodities and helped drive the city's growing economic influence. Colonists' resentment of British taxes on spirits was one of the dissatisfactions that led to the revolution.


In this spirit, we offer you a local one, from Ipswich: Privateer.


Privateer Navy Yard Rum: A locally produced barrel-proof (122º) rum, it pays homage to the traditional colonial style of New England rum. The Navy Yard offers rich and creamy fullness with a darker sweetness. Regular $51 Sale $43


Privateer True American Rum Bottled in Bond: Privateer is proud that theirs is the first rum to be Bottled in Bond since the end of prohibition, a government certification of the quality long aging of the product, and 100 proof of the product. The quality of Privateer's True American Rum is incredibly high, with notes of vanilla bean, caramel, cinnamon, and butterscotch, and it is excellent both on the rocks or in a cocktail like a rum-based old-fashioned. Regular $52 Sale $44


And all the way from Hawaii…

Koloa Single Barrel Rum Aged 5 Years: Aloha! On the island of Kauai, Koloa has released a cask strength (58.17%) single barrel rum distilled from purely Hawaiian sugar cane. It opens with toasted marzipan notes on the palate, giving way to cinnamon, vanilla, and a full, rich mouth feel. A splash of water opens depths and complexities; the rum takes on a more bourbon-like quality, enhancing the vanilla and toasted qualities, and subdues and spreads the sweetness to the edges with more honey-like qualities on the fringes.

Regular $130 Sale $110 LIMITED 




Not your parents' gin that overwhelms you with one flavor note.

 And, when paired with a high-end tonic from Fever Tree, all the better!


Here are three lovely expressions.


The Botanist: A returning favorite, the Botanist began as a personal pet project of Jim McEwen, the master distiller of Bruichladdich. Though Bruichladdich is known for scotch, McEwen had an idea. He thought, while restoring a Roman still, why not use her for a gin? Furthermore, he decided to use Islay botanicals. Of the 31 botanicals, 22 are native to Islay. Regular $52 Sale $44


Isle of Harris Gin: Elegance in a bottle - that's how we reacted to tasting this smooth, well-balanced spirit from Scotland. Captivating and harmonious, it seamlessly puts together local botanicals such as sugar kelp, juniper, coriander, angelica root, bitter orange peel, orris root, cubeb pepper, cassia bark, and anise. On the nose, it is delicately distinctive. Hints of juniper intertwine with a coastal breeze in an inviting, briny aroma. The palate is a journey through the island's unique botanicals, featuring a balance of sweet and bitter notes, including sweet fruit, citrus zest, and a gentle floral whisper. This gin unfolds to reveal a satisfyingly long and warming finish with a subtle hint of spice. We have a bottle open. Come in and taste this unique gin for yourself. Regular $60 Sale $51 


Privateer Gin: 95 proof A unique and limited gin is back. Based on rum rather than grain, the Privateer Gin mixes a subtle bright sweetness with spice—the botanical blend changes with each batch, creating a unique blend with every limited-edition release. Perfect for summertime tikki drinks. this may even be the final batch. Only time will tell the fate of this Federal favorite... Regular $41 Sale $35


And while you're at it, take some Fever Tree tonic. We can deliver this to your door along with your spirits (minimum order $100 in Boston, and $200 inside 495 for free home delivery.

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