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This Week's THURSDAY Tasting

South Africa, the French Connection
May 4, 2023

We are proud to host tonight three in-person winemakers from the new wave of French winemaking in South Africa, plus one more.


Wine Tasters

Tonight - South Africa, the French Connection

Thursday, 5/4/23

5:00 - 6:30pm


South Africa


Almost 400 years ago, French Huguenot contributed to the birth of South African wine. In the last few years, a new wave of French winemaking influence has been a part of a revolution in wine-making there.

We are proud to host three in-person winemakers from this new wave of French winemaking in South Africa, plus one more.

Based in Burgundy's Chassagne Montrachet, Philippe Colin makes his excellent Topiary Chardonnay in Franschhoek.

by Dirk van Zyl is the winemaker from Glenelly, founded and owned by May- de Lencquesaing, formerly of Pichon Lalande

Schalk-Willem Joubert directs the French-owned Taaibosch winery, specializing in a St Emilion-like red blend from the Helderberg.

Peter DeWet from Excelsior, our best-value brand, will show his well-priced Robertson wines.


The walk-around tasting will be in our office

 a1 State St., 10th floor, half a block from the store


Critics have called Philippe Colin's Chassagne Montrachet-based Burgundy estate illustrious. Since 2004 inheriting a large part of the Colin Deleger Domaine, he has undoubtedly developed a strong reputation for producing fine chardonnay and Pinots. His topiary chardonnay to his Bourgogne Blanc from the excellent 2020 vintage

2021 Topiary Chardonnay $22.99, Tasting $19.99

2020 Domaine Philippe Colin Bourgogne Blanc $40, Tasting $34

Taaibosch is a new estate in the Helderberg, one of the cooler areas of the Stellenbosch. It is already developing a reputation for its Crescendo, a fine cabernet Franc – merlot -blend. Director Schalk-Willem Joubert will pour that and tell us its story.

2018 Taaibosch Crescendo $42, Tasting $35.99

Glenelly was founded by May- de Lencquesaing, formerly the proprietor of the 'super second' growth Chateau Pichon Lalande. Winemaker Dirk van Zyl will show three Cabernet-based wines ranging from their affordable Glass Collection to Lady May, the estate's grand vin, and an excellent and well-priced chardonnay.

2019 Estate Chardonnay $21.99, Tasting $18.99

2019 Glass Collection Cabernet Sauvignon $15.99, Tasting $13.59

2013 Estate Red $26.99, Tasting $22.99

2017 Lady May $55, Tasting $46.99

To this group of French-connected estates, we are pleased to welcome winemaker Peter DeWet from Excelsior, which has long been a Federal favorite for its high-quality bargain-priced wines.

2020 Cabernet $9.99, Tasting $8.49

2020 Syrah $9.99, Tasting $8.49

2022 Chardonnay  $9.99, Tasting $8.49

2022 Sauvignon Blanc $9.99, Tasting $8.49


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           - Len Rothenberg



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