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Serego Alighieri Possessioni Rosso and Bianco

Everyday Wines from the Oldest Prestige Cellars in Verona
January 2, 2023


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Dante Alighieri wound up in Verona after being exiled from Florence, where he lived and grew up. There, in 1353 his son founded the eponymous Serego Alighieri winery, building the long tradition of fine wine in Florence. The Alighieri's decided to put that in place in Valpolicella.

Today the historic Serego Alighieri estate is still prestigious. Over the generations, they established many of the best wine traditions of the area, which they maintain today. All their wines, from everyday to special occasions, are amazing. Today we are introducing the everyday wines. The 2018 Serego Alighieri Possessioni Rosso is a blend of Corvina, Molinara, and, as a tribute to their Tuscan roots, Sangiovese. The 2019 Serego Alighieri Possessioni Bianco is a blend of Garganega and Sauvignon Blanc. Both these wines have substance, balance, and genuine interest. We highly recommend the great value here.

2019 Serego Alighieri Possessioni Bianco:  straw yellow with green highlights. Citrus and pear aromas and flavors. Good structure and refreshing acidity with deep floral notes. Long nutty finish  Very Good Plus Plus  21/bottle  214.20/case (17.85/bottle)

2018 Serego Alighieri Possessioni Rosso: Bright ruby. Cherry, dried berry, pepper, and spices with a touch of licorice. Medium to full-bodied with good structure and soft tannins. Delicious finish. Very Good Plus Plus  21/bottle  214.20/case (17,85/bottle)


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