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Serego Alighieri Amarone, with Export Director Tony Apostolakos
September 20, 2023

We have an exceptional tasting tonight with the wines of Serego Alighieri from Verona. The winery was founded by Dante Alighieri’s son in 1350.


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This Week

Serego Alighieri Amarone,

with Export Director Tony Apostolakos

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

In store, 5:00 - 6:30pm



Peter writes,

We have an exceptional tasting tonight with the wines of Serego Alighieri from Verona. The winery was founded by Dante Alighieri’s son in 1350. Over the years, the estate became the first to bottle single vineyard wines, and all the fruit was estate-grown. The first of these were the wines labeled Possessioni, which showed that this winery actually owned the vineyards, unlike common practice at the time.

They also began the practice of air drying the grapes before fermentation. Vaio Armaron was the first ever single vineyard in Amarone. Amarone has become one of the most excellent and famous Italian wines ever since.

Tony will lead us through the tasting. We will begin with the 2019 Possessioni Bianco and the 2018 Possessioni Rosso. These wines are very clean, dry, and balanced and have developed some attractive complexity. Next, we will taste the remarkable 2017 Valpolicella Monte Piazzo. This is also from a single vineyard. This is really balanced and complex, with bright red fruits, flowers, and great structure.

With the 2013 Viao Armaron (single vineyard), you will taste why this is my favorite Amarone. All the concentration and rich complexity are here, with a bonus of layered and textured flavors in the finish. This is unique.

 We will finish with the 2015 Casal dei Ronchi Recioto. This is a highly aromatic, sweet wine that is fruity, smooth, and complex.



2019 Possessioni Bianco: Very attractive floral, melon, and pear aromas and flavors. Just now at its best. Very Good Plus  $21, case $17.99



2018 Possessioni Rosso: This is your new table wine. Very versatile with classic aromas and flavors. Red fruits, flowers and a hint of spice. Nice balance. Very Good Plus  $21, case $17.99


2017 Valpolicella Monte Piazzo: Like a richer style red Burgundy. Great complexity with plum, cherry, flowers, and a touch of pepper. Long finish  Excellent $48, case $41



2013 Vaio Armaron Amarone:  So much going on here that it is hard to describe. Layered, textured, and concentrated with great balance. Perfect structure with a unique, very long finish. Outstanding $133, case $113


2015 Casal dei Ronchi Recioto: Deep ruby. Bright fruit and herbal flavors and aromas. Highly aromatic from the start with a sweet, very smooth finish. Excellent  500ml bottle $80, case $68


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           - Peter Hemenway



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