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Roberto Voerzio

Celestial Barolo
August 6, 2021


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Roberto Voerzio


When it comes to Barolo, there is everyone else and then there is Roberto Voerzio. He started making Barolo in 1986 and started a revolution. His wines are an odd combination of traditional and modern that give a unique and pure character. Each of the single vineyards show their individual character and all have that celestial Voerzio style. One always knows when there is a Voerzio in the glass. Amazing.

We just were offered a good parcel of these Barolos which are very hard to get. These are a collection of the best vineyards in La Morra with impossibly low yields and concentration. We will have to allocate.


First, the bargain of the range:

2015 Roberto Voerzio Langhe Nebbiolo Disanfrancesco:  Excellent  48/bottle

Special six pack $259

Special case $489


And the masterpieces:

2013 Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio:  Superb  299/bottle net

2013 Roberto Voerzio Barolo La Serra:  Superb  299/bottle net

2013 Roberto Voerzio Barolo Sarmassa Magnum:  Superb  599/magnum net

2007 Roberto Voerzio Barolo Fossati Riserva: Superb  399/bottle net

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