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Real Italian Whites
July 31, 2019

Peter writes, "It is amazing that it is still true that if you go into most commercial wine stores in America the only Italian white you will find is Pinot Grigio. You might find fifteen of them. And by the way Pinot Grigio is the only white they do not drink in Italy because there is a heritage and history of great Italian whites all over the country. We will be trying a few of them tonight."


Elisabetta Faciuoli

Elisabetta Faciuoli enjoys her wine     


Peter continues,

We will begin in Piedmont with the 2016 Albino Rocca La Rocca Cortese. Cortese is a grape mostly grown in Gavi. The Roccas thought they had a perfect site in Barbaresco and this is the result. This is a rich and zesty flavored wine with good structure. Then we will go to Sicily for the 2017 Tornatore Etna Bianco. The Tornatore family have been farming on Mount Etna for generations. This is 100% Carricante. The wine is complex and very age worthy.

Next is the Gallura region of Sardinia. The 2016 Jankara Vermentino di Gallurais a textbook Sardinian example of this type of wine. Of all the grapes in this tasting, Vermentino is the one that travels best. It is grown in Sardinia, Tuscany, Corsica, Liguria and southern France.

         The rest are only grown in their own local area. The 2016 Librandi Efeso Val di Neto Bianco is made with Mantonico, a grape only grown in Calabria. The wine is fermented and aged in wood to gain depth. It is the only dry white wine I have ever had that shows aromas and flavors of saffron.

         Then off to Tuscany and Lazio. The 2016 Montenidoli Vernaccia di San Gimignano Fiore sets the standard for this grape variety. The wine is elegant with beautiful secondary aromas. Elisabetta Faciuoli is the philosopher pioneer who founded Montenidoli. She is very special indeed. Last, we will try the 2015 Cotarella Ferentano. This made with 100% Roscetto, an ancient Etruscan variety that was saved by Riccardo Cotarella. This gives a lush and full-bodied white with tropical fruit and herbs. Unique.



2016 Albino Rocca La Rocca Cortese: Apple and honeydew with a touch of lemon zest Fresh acidity with notes of almond in the finish.  Very Good Plus to Excellent  31/bottle 27.90/mixed case  26.35/case

2017 Tornatore Etna Bianco: Green apple and mineral with balsam notes, crisp acidity and depth.  Excellent   26.99/bottle 24.30/mixed case  22.95/case

2016 Jankara Vermentino di Gallura:   Pear, peach, lime and grapefruit Salinity and almond in the finish.  Very Good Plus to Excellent  27.99/bottle  25.20/mixed case  23.80/case

2016 Librandi Efeso Val di Neto Bianco:  Peach, apricot, flint and saffron with excellent acidity and texture.  Excellent  26.99/bottle  24.30/mixed case22.95/case

2016 Montenidoli Vernaccia di San Gimignano Fiore:  Elegant and rich with beautiful secondary aromas. Bright crisp citrus, apple and peach with a refreshing bitter note capped by salinity.  Excellent  24.99/bottle  22.50/mixed case  21.25/case

2015 Cotarella Ferentano:  Tropical fruit and fresh herbs with lush full-bodied flavors. Depth, texture, and complexity.  Excellent   29.99/bottle  27/mixed case 25.50/case


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           - Peter Hemenway