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Pelissero Barbaresco Vanotu Vertical Selection

To Cultivate Dreams and Harvest Passions
March 5, 2019


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Today we are offering you a vertical selection of one of the greatest wines in the world. This is the Barbaresco Vanotu which is Giorgio Pelissero’s flagship wine. It always has certain characteristics that are only combined in wine from the Vanotu vineyard. It is very high elevation with calcerous soil. With the climate and exposure the resulting wines show great character and personality. In that personality is cherry, raspberry and roses along with notes of sage, mint, thyme, and chamomile. The great phenolic structure and acid tannin balance always ensure a long lasting wine. Giorgio says that with the proper glass you can also drink it young.


All of the vintages offered here are great for Barbaresco and all of these wines are outstanding.


2014 Pelissero Barbaresco Vanotu 120/bottle

2013 Pelissero Barbaresco Vanotu 120/bottle

2010 Pelissero Barbaresco Vanotu 145/bottle

2006 Pelissero Barbaresco Vanotu 180/bottle

1999 Pelissero Barbaresco Vanotu 204/bottle


Special mixed vertical:

One bottle each of the above for a special price of $570 (114/bottle)


Wines arrive Tuesday 


Order by phone at 617.367.8605, or reserve here: order@federalwine.com


           - Peter Hemenway