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Morgenster: Classic Wines, Everyday Prices
October 2, 2019




2019 Morgenster Sauvignon Blanc; Aroma: fresh rather clean, light tropical note; Mouth: clean sweet acid rather pretty, clean, light spritz, fresh, light pretty fine acid, clean long fresh, light clean long lemon; Very Good Plus 16.99; Mixed Case, 15.29; Case, 14.44



2016 Morgenster Cabernet Franc; Color: dark opaque, medium depth; Aroma: heady sweet , herbal acid fresh fruit; Mouth: clean light sweet acid, fine tannins, herbaceousnesss nicely balanced, light smokiness that air turns clean  & light,  finely tuned; Very Good Plus 15.99; Mixed Case, 14.39; Case, 13.59

2014 Morgenster Cabernet Sauvignon; Color: Deep dark; Aroma: Heady rather sweet plummy, spicy acid s]edge; Mouth: Clean acid rather finer, , bright firm, well structured precise; Very Good Plus 15.99; Mixed Case, 14.39; Case, 13.59

2010 Morgenster Lourens River Valley; Color: medium dark rather dense; Aroma: heady sweet clean, clean rather herbal clean, lightly pretty, heady fine acidity, rather firm; Mouth: clean spicy acid, bright clean rather fine aid, pretty medium bodied, clean long; Very Good - Excellent 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99


Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil importer’s notes“An intensely fruity oil tastes of artichokes, green apples and almonds followed by a long, peppery finish.”     21.99


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