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2020 Negro Lorenzo San Martin Rosato + 2020 Cantina Valenti Poesia Rosato

Mineral Rosato Plus
April 29, 2021


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Mt. Etna


My wife and I decided that when choosing retirement, one of the most important factors is this: What are the local grape varieties where we go? Of course, the answer is Nebbiolo from Piedmont and Nerello Mascalese from Mount Etna in Sicily. Today we are offering one of each, both unique Rosatos.

The 2020 Negro Lorenzo San Martin Rosato from Roero in Piedmont shows the drama of Nebbiolo in a decidedly medium-bodied and silky format. The 2020 Cantina Valenti Poesia Rosato has the complexity of Nerello Mascalese wrapped in a smooth texture.

The Valenti family have lived in Catania at the foot of Mount Etna for centuries. Today Giovanni Valenti and his son Alessandro make wonderful wines from old vines within the high elevation Guardiola Contrada. This is deep volcanic soil. The Rosato they make is dedicated to poetry and shows a beautiful, refreshing minerality.

Lorenzo Negro has a property in Roero in Piedmont, where his family has been vignerons for over 200 years. Now Lorenzo and his associate Daniele run the estate with an eye to perfection. The soil is sandy and filled with seashells. Talk about minerality. The Rosato is made partially with San Martin late harvest grapes that contribute to brightness and crisp acidity in the wine.

Ok, retirement question solved - half the year in Piedmont and half the year in Sicily.


2020 Negro Lorenzo San Martin Rosato:  Bright rose color. Refreshing and beautiful fruit with delicate tannin. Brightness and crisp acidity with a mineral finish.  Very Good to Excellent  19.99/bottle  Special case: $204 (17/bottle)

2020 Cantina Valenti Poesia Rosato: Bright pink with cadmium note. Floral aromatics with pronounced strawberry and raspberry. Refreshing minerality and a long finish.  Very Good to Excellent  $21/bottle  Special case: $214 (17.83/bottle)


Special mixed case: six bottles of each of the above for a special price of $209 (17.42/bottle)

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           - Peter Hemenway




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