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May 8, 2024




Some like it lively…

2022 Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino di Sardinia:

Argiolas is the producer who put wines from Sardinia on the map for Americans. These wines' quality, style, and value quickly became best sellers. The 2022 Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino di Sardinia is the latest release of this enjoyable wine.

Dry and crisp with a bright straw color. Fruit notes include citrus and melon with floral notes framed by a saline touch. Almond notes show up in the balanced finish. Very Good Plus 16.99 case


.. while others prefer cut… 

Coto de Gomariz Ribeiro Blanco 2022

Christopher Columbus stocked his ships with Ribeiro for his cruise westward in 1492. Over the years, the region fell into decline but, more recently, has become one of the more exciting new regions of Galicia in northwestern Spain. This is a fine example made from a combination of local grapes that, as Columbus no doubt discovered, is a fine companion with seafood. We liked its crisp minerality and salinity. You will also.

Nose Generous, citrus with a touch of anise Mouth: Full and waxy apple and peach fine f mineral. Very Good Plus23.99, Case 19.99


…and others pear-and-apple breadth

2023 Clos d’Albizzi Cassis Blanc

Not to be confused with the black currant that makes the sweet creme, Cassis is a small village on the Riviera whose small wine production is prized by the region's top restaurants. Clos d’Albizzi has grown grapes there since 1523. François Dumon, the twentieth-generation winemaker, now farms sustainably. For the white, he uses the classic grape varieties Clairette for crispness, Marsanne for breadth, and Ugni Blanc to knit them together, with nice maturity for more fat in the wines. The wine has nice breadth in the mouth

Color: Clear and light AromaSubtle with apple and anisee, nicely mineral Mouth: Ample and round, mouthfilling and broad with pear and herbal notes,  honey and iodine. light acid Beautiful minerality, understated acidity Very Good Plus $27.99, case $23.99 




A light and airy wine for warm weather

2022 Bonincontro Melovivo Frappato di Vittoria

From Sicily, Frappato is the grape. The wine is light in weight but serves up a cloud of heady aromatics that belie both its weight and price. It is lovely served lightly chilled (about 60 degrees) with a variety of white meat, fish, or other spring and summer dishes 

Organic, Color Light cherry red, Aroma; Lovely fragrance, sweet spice, berry, and tea. Mouth light and forward, red fruits smooth to the tongue, light fine tannins on the finish. Very Good $18.99, Case $15.99


Great Scott!

2023 Boucard-Touraine Nom de Zeus!!! Sans Soufre

We sold out the last vintage, and people were asking for more. , but the fresh 2023 has just arrived. Nom de Zeus!!! deserves all its three exclamation points.

The label does not, can not tell you that it is a cabernet franc from Touraine because it defies many of the French naming rules. {proud;y it has no added sulfur organic, too

It's fresh and lively. It will put a lighter-bodied lift to your tongue even lightly chilled on a hot day. 

This classic French exclamation came back into French pop kulcha - Nom de Zeus became au courant when translators of the Back to the Future films used it for Doc Brown's "Great Scott." We like to think that he would have liked this wine. We and several of our customers love it.

2022 Boucard Touraine Nom de Zeus!!! Sans Soufre; Color: Medium dark; Aroma: Heady firm, dusty and soft, clean, rich and full; Mouth: Bright, nice rounded acid, smooth and mellow with a spicy Franc cut; Very Good $15.99; Case, $13.59


A German “Burgundy”

2020 AdamsWein Spatburgunder Ingelheim

Germans call pinot noir spatburgunder. Ingelheim in the warmer Rheinhessen has clay and limestone soils, like those of Burgundy. There Simone Adams is one of the better practitioners. She farms her vineyards organically and biodynamically and harvests early for freshness. In the cellar, all her wines are naturally fermented. 

Stuart Pigott, a long-time critic of German wines, said of AdamsWein, "It was like discovering there was a top Burgundian domaine that nobody knew about."

The wine is clean, lively, and fresh, a lighter-styled pinot that will 


Organic; Aroma, plummy and heady, rounded firm, Mouth: juicy bright rounded fruit, intense, clean acid drive, long; Very Good Plus $25.99; Case, $21.99


Light Springtime Case

Two each of the wines, $225 (18.75)

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