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JM Labruyere Prologue Grand Cru Extra Brut

Prearrival Sale of Our Customers' Favorite Champagne
September 21, 2020


Labruyere is coming back!



One of our best champagne discoveries last year is coming back in a new iteration even spicier and richer than before. Last year its incredible quality for the price and pedigree made it one of our most purchased champagnes.

Why? It's a micro-estate bottling, made from premium grapes all from a single estate in Verzenay one of the best  grand cru villages in the Montagne de Reims. Two thirds Pinot Noir give it body and depth, a third chardonnay a toasty crispness. Only 1800 cases were prodeucedf

Hachette praised it to the skies  “"Rich, correct, and clean. The tasters were unrestrained in their praise... Judges appreciated its golden color, its effervescence, lively and creamy at the same time, and even more its entrancing nose; seductive, intense, vinous and buttery with nuances of fruit confiture. Finally its palate is dense and fleshy, expressing both ripe and dried fruits, given length by a beautiful saline acidity. A superb champagne to accompany a meal."They ranked it among the best champagnes released at any price in 2018.

         Proprietor Eduard Labruyere is the 6th generation of a winemaking family which owns a highly regarded estate in Moulin-a-Vent and  Pomerol's Ch. Rouget, and for over 10 years has been the managing partner of  Meursault's venerable Jacques Prieur estate. Last year France's authoritative Guide Hachette named him its Winemaker of the year, because of the outstanding quality of  Champagne J-M Labruyere  

Nadine Gublin, the first woman  named Winemaker of the Year in France, supervises the winemaking. She has been making Jacques Prieur burgundies since the 80s. Champenoise by birth, with Pinot and chardonnay in her blood, she was tasked to make Labruyere.

Her wine production is impeccable. Late-harvesting and limiting yields make for riper grapes that give the wine greater richness and depth. Only the better quality first run juice is used. The current edition ‘s 5 years on the lees add dimension (The big brands age theirs only 18 to 24 months). The superior quality of the required only a 1.6 g/l. Extra Brut, it can better reveal the quality  of both grape and vineyard.

Elegance in the wine is reflected by a beautifully elegant label.  A number of our corporate customers chose this over one of the cliché champagnes for their holiday giving last year. As a direct import we can offer it at a price comparable to many champagnes of less distinguished quality.

We also have a small quantity of Labruyere Page Blanche, a rare Blanc de Blancs, all Chardonnay from the Montagne de Reims.

Alan Meadows, Burghound “easily the most elegant wine in the range with its admirably pure, cool and airy nose that combines notes of Granny Smith apples and petrol with those of white flower, quinine, yeast and a whiff of bakery shop character. The equally pure and much more refined middle weight flavors terminate in an intensely saline and bone dry finish that is sneaky long. The supporting mousse is ultra-fine and overall, this is really lovely stuff that for my taste would benefit from a few more years of bottle age. In a word, excellent.”


Labruyere Brut Prologue Grand Cru Extra Brut

Regularly $50 per bottle

Special Six bottle case Prearrival $259, (43.17)

Arrival first week of Ortober

LaBruyere Page Blanche Grand Cru very limited $79

Six bottle case $399, (66.50)

In stock


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           - Len Rothenberg