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Italian Discoveries, New and Old
January 4, 2023

This week a few favorite discoveries from last year and two new findings from this year.


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Tonight - Italian Discoveries, New and Old Wed 1/4

5:00 - 6:30pm




Beautiful Villa

This week a few favorite discoveries from last year and two new findings from this year. We will begin with a white from the Serego Alighieri estate in Verona. The 2019 Serego Alighieri Possessioni Bianco has just come back to Massachusetts. It is a blend of Garganega and Sauvignon Blanc. The blend shows citrus and pear with floral notes and balance. Next, we will go to Siracusa in Sicily to taste the 2020 Cantine Gulino Albanella Pretiosa. Luca Gulino has restored the ancient Alabanello grape and made a wine tied to Siracusa's heritage, culture, and beauty. Among other things, the wine shows a fresh blast of salinity. The last white will be the 2021 Chiara Ciavolich Pecorino Aries. A lot of people are getting excited about the revival of Pecorino. Chiara’s winery is in Abruzzo. Sheep in Abruzzo liked this grape variety, so producers renamed it after the cheese. The wine has depth.

We will go back to the winery founded by Dante Alighieri's son. The 2018 Serego Alighieri Possessioni Rosso is a blend of Corvina, Rondinella, Molinari, and a bit of Sangiovese to remember Dante's Tuscan heritage. Think of this as a somewhat spicy version of Valpolicella. Next, we will taste the remarkable 2020 Chiara Condello Sangiovese di Predappio. The village of Predappio in Romagna is the birthplace of Sangiovese. Chiara makes a wine from old vines showing bright clarity and depth.

Last we will go to Piedmont for the 2020 Renato Ratti Langhe Nebbiolo Ochetti. The Ratti family has been making Barolo since 1870. The Nebbiolo bottling is reflective of that heritage.


2019 Serego Alighieri Possessioni Bianco:  straw yellow with green highlights. Citrus and pear aromas and flavors. Good structure and refreshing acidity with deep floral notes. Long nutty finish  Very Good Plus Plus  21/bottle, Case 17.99


2020 Cantine Gulino Albanello Pretiosa:  Bright straw with a hint of green. Aromas and flavors of flowers and fresh fruit. Nuts, capers, and salinity in the fresh flavors and balanced acidity. Very Good Plus Plus 21/bottle, Case 17.99

2021 Chiara Ciavolich Pecorino Aries:  Straw yellow, green highlights. Dry mineral, acacia, and jasmine. Crisp fresh peach accented by dry herbs. Sensitive and expressive with rich flavor and a nutty, savory finish. Excellent  21/bottle, Case 17.99

2018 Serego Alighieri Possessioni Rosso: Bright ruby. Cherry, dried berry, pepper, and spices with a touch of licorice. Medium to full-bodied with good structure and soft tannins. Delicious finish. Very Good Plus Plus  21/bottle, Case 17.99

2020 Chiara Condello Sangiovese di Predappio: Bright ruby. Cherry and other red berry notes with terrific texture and notes of spice. Olive blossoms in the finish and velvety acidity. Excellent 26.99/bottle, Case 22.99

2020 Renato Ratti Langhe Nebbiolo Ochetti: Bright ruby. Classic Nebbiolo aromas and flavors with Dark cherry, violets, and spice. The mouthfeel is balanced with moderate tannins and fresh acidity. Long finish. Excellent  26.99/bottle, Case 22.99


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           - Len Rothenberg



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