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Azienda Agricola Tomei + 2020 Veniero Cesanese + 2021 Abbuoto
September 30, 2022


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It is Marco Tomei’s passion and ambition to revive the ancient history of wine. He is in Sezze on the Appian Way near Rome, a village founded by Hercules. Taste these wines, and you will see that he has succeeded.

The Roman emperors and big shots highly prized wines from Campania and Lazio. Today we are featuring the return to glory of Lazio. As far back as Pliny the Elder, the most revered wines were called Cecubo, made from the Abbuoto grape grown in Sezze. In addition to fantastic quality and elegance, these wines would easily last for thirty years. 

Marco did years of research and exploration to find plots of Abbuoto vines that were better than 100 years old. He used massal selection to plant them on his property. Everything here is organic and biodynamic. After spontaneous fermentations, the wines are aged in terra cotta amphora and cement. The 2021 Tomei Abbuoto is an enticing and elegant red. It is natural, clean, healthy, and artisanal.

Marco also planted a unique clone of Cesanese on his farm. In other parts of Lazio, Cesanese gives fruit bombs. The growing conditions are perfect in Sezze, eight kilometers from the sea. The 2020 Tomei Veniero Cesanese is a refined and gorgeous wine. It also is aged in terra cotta amphora and cement.

2020 Tomei Veniero Cesanese: Organic, Bioynamic  Ruby red. Graphite, cherry redcurrant, and mineral notes. Savory, balanced, and rightly tannic  Excellent  29/bottle

2021 Tomei Abbuoto: Organic, Bioynamic  Deep ruby. Cherries, dark plums, wild herbs, and leather. Balanced acids, tannins, and flavenoids with oriental spice in the finish. Excellent  40/bottle


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