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Hatozaki Whiskies Tasting In-store

This Thursday May 23, 2024. First Pouring: 5:00-6:00 PM. Second Pouring: 6:30-7:30 PM Read on...
May 21, 2024



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We are happy to welcome back Brian Johnson, who gave a splendid presentation of the Mossburn line last month. He is also the importer of Hatozaki whiskies from the Kaikyo distillery on the shores of the Seto inland sea, crafted by master distiller Kimo Yonezawa. The Yonezawa family now brings to whiskies their 100-year expertise in distilling spirits.


We are proud to show this fine portfolio of whiskies in Boston. We’ll offer five of the best, led by the intro duction  impressive Collection Rye.


Finest Whisky: is a premium blend aged up to 12 years in barrel with a minimum 40% malt whisky content—light in style with a rich backbone of malt whisky character. Cereal notes and a light sweetness make it ideal for highballs or to enjoy a straight-light dram. Reg $50, Sale $44


Small Batch is a vatting of 100% malt whiskies aged in bourbon and sherry casks and native Mizunara oak barrels. Tasting notes: A rich profile of sweet cereals and malty dried fruit with light smoke and honey on the finish. Reg $74, Sale $63


Omakase 8-Year Pure Malt is a blend of single malts, each aged for a minimum of 5–6 years. This exquisite blend undergoes extended aging of 8 years in a combination of old American oak and traditional Mizunara casks. This dual cask maturation imparts a unique depth and complexity, with the American oak lending classic notes of vanilla and caramel and the Mizunara adding distinctive hints of sandalwood and spice. We are glad to have secured access to this exceptional bottling. Reg $105, Sale $88


Hatozaki Small Batch 12-Year-Old Umeshu Cask Finish is a 100% hand-crafted blend of premium single malts, each aged for a minimum of 12 years in American oak casks, then married and finished for six months more in bespoke barrels that previously held superior Umeshu liqueur. Tasting notes: A rich profile of cereals, with iodine notes, fresh pear, apricots, and a delicate hint of malty honey. The yellow plum finish brings a lasting touch of sweetness. Reg $140, Sale $119


Omakase Collection Rye: We are lucky to have secured a small amount of this extremely limited production of Rye. Kimio Yonezawa has created a unique small batch rye, aged in new charred oak. Then, the signature finish: maturation in traditional Mizunara oak casks. Tasting notes: This is an exquisite whisky. Fruity and dry, with subtle spice notes from the rye – as expected from superb Japanese distilling craftsmanship. This is truly stunning and not to be missed. Reg $105, Sale $88


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