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Gold Stars of Verona

2013 Serego Alighieri Vaio Armaron Amarone della Valpolicella + 2017 Serego Alighieri MontePiazzo Valpolicella Superiore
March 27, 2022


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You find an ancient, noble, and expert winemaking tradition in the Serego Alighieri Estate in Verona. The property was bought by Pietro Alighieri, the son of the incredible writer Dante, in 1353 when the land was already known for producing great wine. In 1549 the Alighieri's joined by marriage the noble Serego family. The names have been combined ever since.

The wines in this offer are as good as any produced in the world. One famous and influential wine magazine called the Serego Alighieri Vaio Armaron Amarone della Valpolicella one of the ten greatest wines produced on the planet. I have been following this wine for many, many years and consider it simply to be the greatest. They only bottle this wine in the best years. 2013 is undoubtedly one of those. Yes, and the name Amarone is derived from the Vaio Armaron vineyard.

They also produce another single vineyard wine. We also offer the 2017 Serego Alighieri MontePiazzo Valpolicella Superiore. This wine has a beautiful smooth balance and texture. Both wines are made with Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes. For the Amarone, all the grapes are air-dried to produce extra concentration. For the MontePiazzo, some of the Corvina grapes are air-dried. The wines are aged for a time in oak and finished with four months in 600 liter Cherry wood barrels. This unique style has been used here for 650 years.


2017 Serego Alighieri MontePiazzo Valpolicella Superiore: Dark ruby red. Rich cherries and cinnamon with great balance, acidity, and tannin. Structure and complexity in the rich fruit finish. Excellent Plus 53/bottle Special six-pack;,$270 (45/bottle)

2013 Serego Alighieri Vaio Armaron Amarone della Valpolicella: Opaque ruby red. Beautiful, extraordinary complexity, and power. Well structured, elegant personality. Dried plums, cherries, and spice in a well-balanced layered texture. As important as a wine can be. Outstanding Plus 133/bottle Special six-pack; $678 (113/bottle)


Special mixed six-pack; Three bottles of each of the above for a special price of $474 (79/bottle)


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           - Peter Hemenway




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