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Giorgio Rivetti Special Offer

The wines of La Spinetta and Contratto
November 5, 2022


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Peter writes,

We were thrilled to welcome Giorgio Rivetti to Boston. Last week we had a lunch tasting with Giorgio that featured wines from three of Giorgio’s estates. Today we offer wine from Casanova della Spinetta in Tuscany, Contratto in Piedmont, and La Spinetta in Barbaresco. As many of you know, the Rivetti family produces some of the most outstanding wines in the world. Also, as many of you know, spending an afternoon with Giorgio is a magical experience.


For the wines, we have the 2017 Contratto Brut Rose For England. The history of sparkling wine in Italy begins with Contratto. This wine was the first one in the world to be vinified dry.

We began the reds with the 2019 La Spinetta Barbera Ca di Pian. This was a new benchmark for Barbera when Giorgio first made it. The wine is rich, dynamic, and delicious. 

The 2018 Casanova della Spinetta Chianti Riserva represents the family’s estate in Tuscany. It is a great affordable Sangiovese.

 We have three Nebbiolos from La Spinetta. The 2019 La Spinetta Langhe Nebbiolo is the epitome of its type. It shows all the red fruit, flowers, and spice in an approachable style. We also offer two of the current release Barbarescos. The 2019 La Spinetta Barbaresco Gallina and the 2019 La Spinetta Barbaresco Starderi are both from single vineyards in Neive. The wines are spectacular, remarkably similar, and remarkably different simultaneously. Just for good measure, we include the very elegant 2018 La Spinetta Barolo Campe.


2017 Contratto Brut Rose For EnglandExcellent 48/bottle Mix six: 41/bottle

2019 La Spinetta Barbera Ca di PianExcellent 27/bottle Mix six: 23/bottle

2019 La Spinetta Langhe NebbioloExcellent 36/bottle Mix six: 31/bottle

2018 Casanova della Spinetta Chianti RiservaExcellent 32/bottle Mix six 27/bottle

2019 La Spinetta Barbaresco GallinaOutstanding 176/bottle Mix six 149/bottle

2019 La Spinetta Barbaresco StarderiOutstanding 176/bottle Mix six: 149/bottle

2018 La Spinetta Barolo Campe: Superb 214/bottle Mix six: 192/bottle


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           - Peter Hemenway




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