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Get Happy - Super Traditional Barolo and Barbaresco With Age

2005 Grasso Fratelli Barbaresco Vallegrande, 2008 Mirafiore Barolo Lazzarito, 2008 Gabriele Scaglione Barbaresco Come un Volo + 2013 Luigi Baudana Barolo Ceretta
November 10, 2019




The Scaglione family has been in Piedmont for centuries. Last week I was having espresso with Gabriele Scaglione who is a very energetic, funny and happy guy.  He says that if all we had to drink was water then life would be very normal and boring. When we have wine everything is interesting and fun, so easier to be happy. That’s the kind of thing he says all the time. He is also in love with traditional Nebbiolo. The 2008 Gabriele Scaglione Barbaresco Come un Volo is drinking beautifully with classic Nebbiolo character. The vineyards are in Treiso at very high elevation. There are balloons on the label.

Luigi and Fiorina Baudana do not have heirs which is strange when you consider that the family has been in the area so long there are no traceable records of when they first settled there. They were very happy when Giuseppe Vajra started helping them on the farm in Serralunga. The Vajras now run the property with the express goal of extending the traditional legacy of the Baudanas. The 2013 Luigi Baudana Barolo Ceretta is a little younger than the other wines in this offer but it is so damn good I wanted to include it before it is gone.

I think that Alfredo and Luigi Grasso are happiest when they are walking around working in the vineyards. This joy extends to when they are hosting you for dinner and you completely feel like a member of the family. The family have been farming here in Treiso since the 1880s. Needless to say, they also make their wine traditionally. The 2005 Fratelli Grasso Barbaresco Vallegrande is perfectly mature although it will have no trouble aging for many more years.

Mirafiore is a hilltop hamlet in the village of Fontanafreda in Serralunga. The estate was founded by King Vittorio Emanuel II in 1870. Being royalty, over the years the various members managed some exciting scandals and the family sold the estate. The name got lost until Oscar Farinetti bought the estate. Now it is completely restored with a great restaurant, hotel, and theatre for poetry and music events. The happiest guy though is the winemaker Danilo Drocco because they leave him to make traditional Serralunga Barolo. The 2008 Mirafiore Barolo Lazzarito is just that.

These wines share the characteristics of classic Nebbiolo with cherry and blackberry fruit, forest floor, flowers, a touch of tar and spice with balancing structure and acidity.


2005 Grasso Fratelli Barbaresco Vallegrande:  The spiciest of the group Excellent 75/bottle Six pack/ 383 (64/bottle)

2008 Mirafiore Barolo Lazzarito:  The most inherent power Excellent 67/bottle Six pack 342 (57/bottle)

2008 Gabriele Scaglione Barbaresco Como un Volo: The most floral and earthy Excellent 70/bottle Six pack 357 (60/bottle)

2013 Luigi Baudanna Barolo Ceretta: The most tannic and rich  Excellent  80/bottle Six pack 408 (68/bottle)


Special mixed case:  3 bottles of each of the above

for a special price of $744 (62/bottle)


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           - Peter Hemenway