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Exciting Piedmont Discoveries

2018 Le Piane Maggiorina Rosso + 2016 Lano Gianluigi Dolcetto d’Alba Ronchella
July 1, 2020


On my trips to Italy I always ask good growers “Who else should I meet?”. Last time in Piedmont two names came loud and clear, Christophe Kuenzli in Boca and Gianluigi Lano in Barbaresco. To start we are going to offer one entry level wine from each. Christophe Kuenzli’s 2018 Le Piane Maggiorina Rosso is a complex blend of Nebbiolo, Croatina, and Vespolina. The 2016 Lano Gianluigi Dolcetto d’Alba Ronchella is a high elevation old vine single vineyard wine.


A. Cerri

Boca is one of the areas in Alta Piedmont where the wine industry almost completely disappeared after WWII.  People needed money and many moved to the cities for factory jobs. Antonio Cerri stayed in Boca  where he made extraordinary and long lived Nebbiolo wines on his small farm. Christophe came to know and revere Antonio and his wines. In 1998, when Cerri died, Christophe bought the farm to ensure that the legacy of Boca would continue.



Gianluigi decided in 1993 to stop selling his father’s grapes to the local co-op and estate bottle his own wine. Gianluigi is a reserved and contemplative person. He decided to use fanatical farming standards to best express the really special vineyards on his estate. The Dolcetto is refined and serious. All the wines are organic and undergo spontaneous fermentation in cement.


2018 Le Piane Maggiorina Rosso: Ruby. Medium body, expressive blend of bright fruit, balsa and black pepper. Spicy layered finish with well-integrated tannins.  Very Good to Excellent  19.99/bottle $204/case

2016 Lano Gianluigi Dolcetto d’Alba Ronchella:  Purple ruby. Exuberant fruit. Refined intensity and transparency with chalky, powdery tannin and great balancing acidity. Very Good to Excellent  22/bottle  $224/case


Special mixed case: Six bottles of each of the above for a special price of $214

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           - Peter Hemenway