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Evesham Wood

Excellent Small Production Oregon Red & White
March 21, 2023


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Evesham Wood was founded and initially planted in the 80s. They dry farm and organically grow their grapes and practice restrained extraction and production methods; fermentations with a pied de cuve of natural yeast, aging in primarily well-used French oak barrels, racking by hand, and no filtration. All is artisanal; the whole production in the winery is only 5000 cases a year.

Old vines, small yields, handcrafted production, and organic agriculture combine to make their wines excellent,

Two years ago, we offered the reserve 2018 Evesham pinot noir Eola HiAmity cuvee to excellent response. The 2021 has just arrived. Still young, it has the potential to be even better. 

The 2021 Evesham Wood Eola-Amity Pinot Noir has the characteristics we expect; finesse, restraint, and elegance. In addition, the 2021 has excellent concentration. It shows the vintage's vivacious fruit and is bright and floral on the nose with an explosive mid-palate and seductive texture. It just arrived and needs a little time to rest from its travel to bloom in the glass. 650 cases produced.


2021 Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Eola Amity Cuvee; Organic, Aroma: heady, showing a rich layer of full fruit, over finely delineated acidity; Mouth: fine acid clean., rich, well balanced, classically styled, very good intensity, firm and long, very well structured with excellent aging potential; Very Good - Excellent $35; Case, $29.95


And a lively white

2022 Evesham Wood Blanc du Puits Sec

Pinot Gris, Spiced Up Vibrant and Full


Evesham Woods makes stunning Pinot Noirs, but they hit a double with this wine. Its base of Pinot Gris is spiced and enriched with Gewurztraminer and traces of several other Alsatian varieties. It's a happy and tasty marriage that delights the palate. Aromatic and lifted, it starts fruity and finishes with great fruit. 'Dry Well White' does nothing to describe the wine's pleasure. Customers last year loved their 2021. The 2022 is even more intense, but we have only four cases


2022 Evesham Wood Blanc du Puits Secorganic Aroma: Pretty rather ripe apricot; Mouth: Bright, clean spicy & fleshy, sweet, very intense bright acidity, strong, vibrant, with notes of lychee and orange blossom, very full; Very Good Plus $24.99; Case, $21


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