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Domenico Clerico Barolos

Wines From a Legend
November 9, 2021


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Dominico Clerico

Domenico Clerico took over the farm in Barolo from his father in 1976. He wanted to make wines that achieve beautiful purity of fruit and expression of the land. His underlying philosophy was that the vine unites heaven and earth. All the vineyards he acquired were in Monforte d’Alba, and all are among the best in Barolo. The last vineyard he got was in Seralunga d’Alba, from which he made one of signature Barolo called Aeroplan Servaj. More on that one later.

Domenico became the best producer of “modern style” Barolo. Yes, these wines are darker, richer, and more intense, but Domenico’s number one concern was always taking amazing and painstaking care of the vines.

We will begin this offer with the 2019 Domenico Clerico Langhe Nebbiolo Capisme. “Capime” in Piedmont dialect means Understand Me. Even at this level, Domenico wanted the wine to express the terroir. All the vineyards for this wine are in and perfectly express Monforte. The 2017 Domenico Barolo Classico is also from the Monforte vineyards and provides the same effect with more richness and intensity.

Now we get into the single vineyards, which are very limited in quantity. The 2017 Domenico Clerico Barolo Pajanaand the 2017 Domenico Clerico Barolo Ciabot Mentin are both from vineyards in the parcel of Ginestra in Monforte.

All of these wines exist because of the legendary work and sensitivity of Domenico. Quite simply, no one makes better Barolo. These are wines with extraordinary richness and striking aromatics. We lost Domenico a few years ago, and now the estate is being run by his wife Giuliana and winemaker Oscar Arriabene. Both are dedicated to continuing the mission.


Wild Airplane

All of Domenico’s vineyard holdings and his work were in Monforte d’Alba. When he was a kid, his father told of a legend of a child who never grew up and always wanted to fly without rules, wild in soul and heart. Domenico’s nickname became Aeroplan Servaj. So when he decided to buy a vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba, he told Giuliana and Oscar he was going to name the wine Aeroplan Servaj. The 2015 Domenico Clerico Barolo Aeroplan Servaj is the current release. This wine is always packed in a six-bottle case, and each label in the box is a different work of art with a wild theme. If you want this one, you must buy the whole six-pack.

All of these wines share the classic Nebbiolo cherry fruit and spice. The aromatics include flowers and spice. The richness and balance are amazing. And each one has its own identity with specific notes like orange peel in the Ciabot and flint in the Aeroplan Servaj.


2019 Domenico Clerico Langhe Nebbiolo Capisme:  Excellent  36/bottle

Special case: 12 bottles for a special price of $372 (31/bottle)


2017 Domenico Barolo Classico: Excellent to Outstanding  59/bottle

Special six-pack: 6 bottles for a special price of $318 (53/bottle)

Special case: 12 bottles for a special price of $598 (49.99/bottle


2017 Domenico Clerico Barolo Pajana:  Outstanding  114/bottle

2017 Domenico Clerico Barolo Ciabot Mentin: Outstanding  114/bottle

Special six-pack: 3 bottles each of the two wines above for a special price of $ 576 (96/bottle)


2015 Domenico Clerico Barolo Aeroplan Servaj: Outstanding

Six-pack only:  $819


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           - Peter Hemenway


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