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2020 Kuen Hof Sudtirol Riesling Kaiton + 2020 Kuen Hof Sudtirol Eisacktaler Veltliner

Distinctive Like a Beacon
February 17, 2022


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Kuen Hof is a small family estate in the Sudtirol of Alto Adige in northern Italy. The area is half Italian and half German and is especially known for distinctive white wines.

Today’s offer is for the 2020 Kuen Hof Sudtirol Riesling Kaiton and the 2020 Kuen Hof Sudtirol Eisacktaler Veltliner. Silky and elegant, these wines are so distinctive they shine like beacons. The Bishop of Bressanone owned the Kuen Hof farm in the 12th century. Two hundred years ago, the property was bought by Peter Pliger. Today his descendants Peter and Brigitte Pliger run the place.

The farming is organic, with vines on very steep terraced slopes. The soil is very rocky, giving the wines an almost electric minerality. Large Acacia barrels are used. To sum up, these are wines made from great terroir, careful grape growing, and brilliant winemaking. Extraordinary.


2020 Kuen Hof Sudtirol Riesling Kaiton: Among other things, lime peel, flowers, petrol, and mineral. A bright texture that wakes you up. Outstanding  32/bottle case of 12 $324 ($27) Six-pack: $174 (29/bottle)

2020 Kuen Hof Sudtirol Eisacktaler Veltliner: This is mostly Gruner Veltliner broughat from Austria with a little Roter Veltliner in the blend. The wine is richly flavored, silky, and elegant. Range of aromas and flavors, including peach, pepper, melon, and herbs. Balanced and long. Outstanding  32/bottle  Six-pack: $174 (29/bottle)


Special case: 12 bottles of one or both wines mixed $324 ($27)


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           - Peter Hemenway




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