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Christmas in October Champagne Sale

Camille Saves Le Mesnil + Their Sublime Huré
October 3, 2021


Getting your favorite champagne is not going to be easy this season. A perfect storm of conditions has reduced the supply and increased the cost of most. In addition, the problems that COVID has brought to supply chains worldwide have affected champagne also, delaying shipments and making them uncertain. Some top-rated brands have become scarce, even unavailable.

We are doing our best to secure enough champagne for the season. We still hope to do our champagne tasting on November 30, pandemic permitting. In case we can't, we will offer our December sales prices on champagne as they arrive. If you have become a fan of a champagne, you might consider securing it now. If you don't see your favorite in an email or on our website, please email me, and I will do my best to give you a sale price.

Today, three of the most accessible and popular grower champagnes in our champagne tastings are moderate in price. They have consistently given a lot of value for the money.

Terms of the Sale:  Some wines are limited in quantity are offered subject to prior sale. Sale Prices are good till October 9 on a mixture of at least six bottles of champagnes from this email only. 


Two Perennial Favorites from Le Mesnil

that punch above their price

Mesnil sone of the Grand Cru, ie prime villages of the Cote de Blancs. It is the source of some of the most storied Blanc to Blanc in champagne. The wines are racy and lean. The co-op there makes grand crus from Chardonnay that are some of the best values we have come across in top quality Blanc de Blancs. They have regularly been among the favorites in our annual tasting. 

Le  Mesnil Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut; is 90% 2014 vintage with five each 2013 and 2010 it was aged at least three years on its lees. Bettane & Desseauve "Incisive, deep and saline, you the real expression of the town" Aroma: Heady very dense rich heady full; Mouth: Clean rather tight firm, sweet rich forward; Reg $50, Sale $43

2015 Le Mesnil Cuvée Sublime Grand Cru is only made in exceptional vintages. 2012 was outstanding, the 2015 will be just as good Bettane & Desseauve "With two or three grams less dosage, the already remarkable Sublime cuvée could compete in style and strength of character with Salon!" Its higher dosage means you can drink now rather than wait 10 – 20 years for Salon. Reg $60, Sale $51


Camille Saves "Carte Blanche" Premier Cru Brut

Powerfully Rich

The Saves has lived in Bouzy, in the heart of the Montagne de Reim, since 1894 

Eugène Savès, an agricultural engineer by trade, founded the house. Hervé and his wife Nathalie, alongside their son Arthur, currently work around ten hectares of vineyards with an average age of 35. The terroirs all have Grand Cru (Bouzy, Ambonnay and Tours-sur-Marne) or Premier Cru (Tauxières)

Camille Saves "Carte Blanche" Premier Cru Brut is 3/4 Grand Cru pinot noir and 1/4 Premier Cru Chardonnay. It has a large 40% reserve wines and spends seven months on the lease in vat, then a minimum of three to four years in the bottle. It's a powerfully rich wine that is fragrant and roundly satisfying on the palate. Made It is round in the mouth with strong flavors but very appealing in its richness.  Reg $51, Sale $44


Hure Freres Invitation Brut 

Instantly Appealing

Huré is only 60 years old and has been run by Francois Hure since 2008. The style is very modern, and the wine is accessible, easy to drink and love, instantly appealing while respecting terroir. It comes mainly from the Montagne de Reims and is 40% each Pinot Noir and Meunier, the rest Chardonnay from 35-year-old vines. The grapes were so ripe in 2016 that the wine needed only a 5g dosage. There are about 30% reserve wines. 

Revue de Vin de France "Invitation is a very fine introduction to the estate, a blend where honest fruit is expressed with precision. A real vinosity comes out behind a fine mousse" Reg $50, Sale $43


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           - Len Rothenberg



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