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A Tale of Two Chiaras, Pure Expressive Wines

2018 Chiara Condello Sangiovese di Predappio + 2020 Chiara Clavolich Pecorino Aries
August 17, 2021


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Two women named Chiara are the sort of wine producers who make these the best of times in the wine business. Both have an exciting and refreshing approach to making natural wines that speak clearly of their places of origin. Of course, this is also the worst of times for wine because of the climate changes lowering yields, killing vines, and causing transport problems. Today we'll just do the best part.

In the hills of Romagna, Chiara Condello is reviving the wine from Predappio, an area formerly part of Tuscany that has been strictly classified for Sangiovese since the 1300s. The 2018 Chiara Condello Sangiovese di Predappio is a strict wine of the land using ancient production methods. It is organic with spontaneous fermentation, of course, and aged two years in old oak tonneau. This gives a Sangiovese with evident pedigree and quiet beauty.

Meanwhile, down in Abruzzo, Chiara Clavolich makes natural wines with a sleek, refined expression. The 2020 Chiara Clavoich Pecorino Aries is one of her "Fosso Cancelli" wines made only from the best and oldest high elevation vineyards in the heart of Abruzzo between sea and mountain. Pecorino is an ancient white variety that is getting a lot of play these days for its quality and dimension.  The variety was rediscovered in the 1990s and has become highly prized for its full flavor and complexity. Chiara's is balanced and truly refined. It will age well and is a joy to drink.



2020 Chiara Clavolich Pecorino Aries: Straw yellow, green highlights. Dry mineral, acacia, and jasmine. Crisp fresh peach accented by dry herbs. Sensitive and expressive with rich flavor and a nutty, savory finish. Excellent  21/bottle, Case 215.88 (17.99)


2018 Chiara Condello Sangiovese di Predappio: Bright light ruby. Sangiovese with luminous, suave, and spicy character. Fresh and lively red cherry and cherry blossom. Touch of smokey incense with well-balanced acidity. Great purity and energy in the finish. Excellent  22.99/bottle, case 234.49 (19.54)


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           - Peter Hemenway


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