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Affordable 2015 Bordeaux & Two Very Fine Provencal Roses
March 7, 2018


Provence Rose

2017 Ch. Ste. Roseline Cotes de Provence Cru Classé Lampe de Meduse; Aroma: fruity, nice depth, round, lightly herbal fleshy, juicy, heady dense; Mouth: juicy rather dense, grapefruit, very heady lifted, smooth clean, very rich, thick; Very Good Plus 22.99; Mixed Case, 20.69; Special Case Prearrival: 215.88 (17.99)

2017 Ch. Ste. Roseline Cotes de Provence Cru Classé; Aroma: very heady very dense, concentrated, rather firm, very heady spice; Mouth: dense sweet fruit, tactile, dense heavy very full, spicy, lifted dimensional, saline, thick, firm; Very Good - Excellent 29.99; Mixed Case, 26.99; Special Case Prearrival: 287.88 (23.99)


Red Bordeaux

2015 Ch. Puyanché (Bordeaux); Color: very dark; Aroma: heady nicely ripe, very pretty fruit with fine acidity, Mouth: smooth clean, nicely herbal, good character from the Cabernet Franc; Very Good 14.99; Mixed Case, 13.49; Special Case Prearrival:143.88 (11.99)

2015 Ch de Ribebon (Bordeaux Superieur); Aroma: very fragrant very rich, heady, rather deep; Mouth: clean smooth, rather bright pretty, sweet fruit forward rather forward very nice balance between fruit and fine acid, long fine tannins, very nice structure and balance; Very Good Plus 15.99; Mixed Case, 14.39;Special Case Prearrival:155.88 (12.99)

2015 Ch. La Caze Bellevue (St. Emilion); Aroma: elegant very pretty fresh, and direct; Mouth: smooth very pretty nice delineation, sweet acid, clean, elegant, lighter bodied; Very Good Plus 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Special Case Prearrival: $191.88 (15.99)

2015 Ch. Clement Saint-Jean Cru Bourgeois (Medoc); Color: very dark; Aroma: rich plum currant fruit with an oak edge, herbal; Mouth: clean nice herbal cabernet, good fruit center, layered over a light tannic structure on the finish, long; Very Good Plus 18.99; Mixed Case, 17.09; Special Case Prearrival: $179.88 (14.99)

2015 Ch. Fonbadet Cru Bourgeois (Pauillac); Aroma: heady rather dense, steely, wood lead pencil, very nice depth; Mouth: clean forward very fruity, smooth textured, very clean, pretty forward, rather bright, firm tannin, forward; Very Good - Excellent 50; Mixed Case, 45; Special Case Prearrival: $479.88 (39.99)


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           - Len Rothenberg