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Adam-Mereaux Extra Brut

The Best Blanc de Blancs at its Price
August 23, 2022


Adam-Mereaux Extra Brut


You won't find it in Forbes or the Wine Spectator or written about by any American or French wine critic. You won't find it anywhere in America but around here.

I only came across The Adam-Mereaux Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut because someone brought a bottle to dinner. It delighted me and the others at the dinner with its fresh effervescence, its instantly appealing vivacity.

It made the evening. I had to track it down.

Adam-Mereaux is a tiny domain of forty plots across the Montagne de Reims. It is run by husband and wife Clement and Estelle and two others. He does the vinification,.she the office. Everyone works in the vineyard and the cellar.ß They are young but from a traditional grape-growing family. ß

The Blanc de Blancs adds three reserve wines to its base. It gets five years on the lees. It is not at all austere. It is soft and forward, floral ripe, and fresh with citrus and brioche notes. Perfect as an aperitif, it will also be pleasant company for lighter fish or fowl dishes.

Another great virtue. It flies in the face of current rising prices and diminished availability of champagne. We can offer it at $50 for the bottle with a special first arrival price of $39.99 for six or more. It is superb pleasure at that price.

 Adam-Mereaux Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Very Good to Excellent $50, 


Special price 39.99 9 for six or more

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           - Len Rothenberg




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