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2022 Burlotto di Verduno Varietals

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January 26, 2024


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Fabio Alessandria

The G.B.Burlotto winery in Verduno in Barolo got a little boost with the release of the 2013 Barolo Monvigliero. Critics not only said that it was perfect, but they also said it was the greatest Barolo ever made. I visited owner Fabio Alessandria that spring, as I do most years. Of course, we had been carrying his Barolos for years. I have often told people how amazing his lower-priced wines are. Every year at this time he releases this group of wines. 

The 2022 Burlotto Dolcetto d’Alba is a classic rendering of this variety with dark fruit, balanced tannin, and savory texture. The 2022 Burlotto Barbera d’Alba is also classic, with rich plum accented by violet and terrific balancing acidity. The 2022 Burlotto Langhe Freisa is made with a variety that is one of the grandparents of Nebbiolo. The wine made from this grape is a real eye-opener with plenty of spicy tannin. The 2022 Langhe Nebbiolo is made strictly traditional, showing deep cherry, spice, and balanced tannin elegantly..

These four wines show balance and complexity, which is no surprise since Fabio knows what he is doing.

We are getting only one to two cases of each wine and may have to allocate them. Any combination order of 12 bottles will receive a 10% discount.


2022 Burlotto  Dolcetto d’Alba: Very Good to Excellent  23.99/bottle


2022 Burlotto Barbera d’Alba: Very Good to Excellent  23.99/bottle


2022 Burlotto Langhe Freisa:  Excellent  28.99/bottle


2022 Burlotto Langhe Nebbiolo: Excellent  229.99/bottle


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