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Pricing Error in your Favor - 2021 Weingut Iby Lehrner Rose Blaufrankisch

Flinty, Classy Rose from Austria
June 20, 2022


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Pumpkins at Iby

Fun at Iby


The Iby Lehrner family wines are all about quality, creativity, and fun. Anton Iby started the winery in the early 20th century. They are located in the village of Horitschon In Austria’s Mittelburgenland, prime ground for growing the red Blaufrankisch grape. Today we feature their Rose. The 2021 Weingut Iby Lehrner Rose Blaufrankisch is a fresh fruit spicy example, balanced and versatile. Today the visionary Anton Sr and the viticulturist Anton M run the place with essential help from Eva Maria and Johanna.

It would be nice if all wineries were this classy, creative, and fun. The family was among the leaders in restoring the quality image of Austrian wine.

2021 Weingut Iby Lehrner Rose Blaufrankisch: Salmon Pink. Strawberry, raspberry, and cherry with a citric lift. Currants with spicy acidity. Pleasant and vibrant with a creamy texture and flinty finish. VeryGood Plus 17.99 15.99/bottle


Special case: 12 bottles for a special price of not $189, but 167.88 (15.75 13.99/bottle)


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