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2021 Matisco Macon Davaye

A Prettily-priced White Burgundy that won't last long
April 12, 2023


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The favorite wine at last week's Chardonnay tasting was an unprepossessing but delicious Bourgogne Blanc from Gueguen in Chablis. People loved its lithe lightness and tantalizing saline spice and preferred it to heavier, more expensive California Chardonnays

We sold out at the tasting and ordered more from the importer. But they had sold out also.

There is a run on moderately-priced top-notch white burgundy. Vintage shortfalls and severe inflation in France are driving prices up. The good ones are quickly disappearing from the marketplace.

The 2021 Matisco Macon Davaye was, along with the Gueguen Bourgogne, the best we tasted at its price. It has the same inviting delicacy of flavors and fruit with two slight differences: the informing mineral are limestone and alluvial scree, not chalk, and it has the slightest hint of wood on the nose. 

The 2020 Marisco (brothers Richard and St├ęphane Martin named it after the Old French name for Macon) Macon Davaye has the lilt and savor that makes it inviting on the palate and invites a second sip.

Don't delay on this one. It is the best and most inviting Chardonnay with lilt and savor that we have found at the price. It won't last long; the importer has told me that the price will increase by $3 a bottle when they get their next supply from France.

I love it too. It will be my spring and summer sipper, with fish, fall, and even some salads. I usually don't say this, but it might be a good time to get a few cases if you like elegant French Chardonnay.


2021 Matisco Macon-Davaye; Aroma: light fragrant, and lifted, fine and pretty limestone, the most delicate touch of wood; Mouth: clean, bright acid, resilient to the touch, very long and rich, bright acid, clean long acid finish; Very Good Plus $21; Case, $17.99


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           - Len Rothenberg




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