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2021 Futures are being offered now.
June 15, 2022



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Michael Hechler writes…

This is a year of the 2 “P’s”. The winemakers needed to have “perseverance” from the beginning of late winter to the harvest in the Fall. Consumers need to have “patience”. Quantities available will vary wildly from vineyard to vineyard. Pricing has the benefit of a strong dollar and most vineyards so far are releasing their Grand Vin Rouge at the same euro price as the 2020’s. It will be important for each consumer to do some research on the various chateaux. The overall style of the best 2021 is one of elegance, fresh fruit, less alcohol than last year.  Deciding what to buy should depend on the style of wine you prefer and what you currently have or have arriving over next few years.

I have got bad news and remarkably good news. Unlike the prior 3 vintages, Mother Nature decided to have some real fun with the 2021 vintage. The 2021 received varying amounts of hail, frost, too much rain, mildew, grey rot, and even cicadelle (parasites). If these numbers of plagues had occurred during a vintage 20 years ago, it would have been a disaster and the wine produced would have been considered poor at best. Well, because of modern vinification techniques and equipment, investment in the vineyard itself and better viticultural practices the 2021 vintage has produced wines from good to exceptional. The issue will be identifying them.

As in all things involving weather there is no uniformity. Even within each vineyard the amount of each “plague” varied in degree. Some vineyards on both the Left and Right Banks had extreme issues with  Merlot. However, there were some on both sides of the river with no issues on quality. Let’s look at some of the best of the communes.

St. Estephe Red


Cos D’Estournel--NR

Calon Segur--NR


Phelan Segur (sleeper, only 24 bottles available, allowing single bottle purchase)


Pauillac Red



Pontet Canet

Lynch Bages

Pichon Lalande

Pichon Baron

Grand Puy Lacoste

Duhart Milon Rothschild

Haut Bages Liberal (sleeper)


St. Julien Red

Ducru Beaucaillou—NR

Leoville Las Cases

Leoville Poyferre

Branaire Ducru (sleeper)

Gruaud Larose—NR

Branaire Ducru


Margaux Red

Rauzan Segla—(sleeper, one of the highest rated for lowest price)


Brane Cantenac

D’Issan—limited supply




Pessac-Leognan Red—anticipate limited supply at best on NR wines

Haut Brion—NR

Malartic Lagraviere— limited

Domaine de Chevalier—NR


Haut Bailly—NR

Les Carmes de Haut Brion—NR

Smith Haut Lafite---NR

Larrivet Haut Brion---sleeper


St. Emilion

Bellefont Belcier—sleeper

Grand Mayne

Figeac—NR, will be very limited at best

Troplong Mondot

Larcis Ducasse


Tour St. Christophe---sleeper

Cheval Blanc



De Sales—sleeper

Nenin—very limited

Most upper level have not released--Patience


White Bordeaux Dry



Malartic Lagraviere—very limited

Smith Haut Lafitte—NR, will be very difficult

Olivier—very limited

Domaine Chevalier—NR, will be very limited


White Bordeaux Sweet

If you are a fanatic about Sauternes/Barsac, my best advice is to buy from any reputable source that offers any of the top Chateau. The wines are exceptional. However, the quantities produced in 2021 are miniscule. One of our suppliers, a major Bordeaux negociant, told me that he had 60 bottles of Coutet 2021 for his entire world market. How do you divide that between thousands of accounts? 


When the EP campaign on 2020 was in full swing last year, the 2021 vintage had already endured frost, hail, and mildew. I fully expected the 2021’s to be a disaster. In a truly miraculous feat the winemakers produced wines of remarkable quality. This being said I would be remiss to point out that Federal has available for sale a very strong range of the 2020 vintage still at very compelling prices. We maintain a list on our website here.



June 15, 2022

Releases are coming quickly so here is an update as of today. Euro pricing continues to follow the initial offering pattern. Red Bordeaux is generally coming out at the same euro price as 2020. The conversion rate between the dollar and the euro is creating a price decline of 10% or so against the 2020 pricing. You will also notice that some of the major chateaux are actually coming out at even less than the 10% conversion decline. This obviously means that the euro price for their 2021 is less than the 2020 price. Good news!!! Unfortunately, because of many variables the amount available is considerably less than in 2020. If you see something you want, don’t delay. My supplies on some are limited. Because of this supply shortage I have adjusted the “minimum purchase quantity”. In several instances you may buy in single bottles what normally would be sold in 6 bottle increments.

Here are some suggestions:


Chateau Dufort Vivens (Margaux)  $61.00  97% Cabernet because of issues with Merlot.  If you like the Margaux polish with some heft.

Chateau Cos D’Estournel (St. Estephe)  $194 average offer price on wine searcher is $220. Neighbors Lafite, shows the elegance of Pauillac with the shoulders of St. Estephe.

Chateau Carmes de Haut Brion (Pessac-Leognan)  $109  I actually have more in 2021 than I got in 2020. I sell the 2020 at $134. Always a favorite that offers great price value

Chateau Mouton Rothschild (Pauillac)   $555   I have an allocation of 12 bottles. I have no idea how long I will have these. The 2020 is $636 and going higher.

Chateau Clinet (Pomerol)  $90  One of the best at under $100.




Chateau Cos D’Estournel Blanc (Bordeaux Blanc)  $144  I was able to get 12 bottles. Wine searcher average is $172. Just because it is hard to get doesn’t mean you should overcharge.

Chateau Petit Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc (Pessac-Leognan)  $39  This is the “little” brother of the wine that you can’t get. Sleeper

Chateau Couhins Lurton (Pessac-Leognan) $46 Please check this one out, from the owner of La Louviere


Latest list of all available and current pricing will always be found here.