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2019 VallePicciola Chianti Classico

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February 22, 2022


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Valle Picciola


In 2006 Bruno and Giuseppina Bolfa bought the VallePicciola estate in Chianti Classico’s  Castelnuova Berardenga close to Siena. They brought tremendous resources with them. Their team planted and replanted vineyards based on matching grape to soil type. The property has excellent ecosystem biodiversity and is farmed sustainably. They also constructed a new winery with ambitious organic architecture, restored a monastery, and built a hillside luxury hotel. So, what to do with all this?

Bruno and Giuseppina brought in Alessandro Cellai, the best vineyard manager and winemaker in Tuscany. He loved the property and was happy to take the position. You might be familiar with Alessandro‘s work. For years he made incredible Chianti and single-vineyard Riservas at Castellare in Castellina.

The 2019 VallePicciola Chianti Classico is the first wine from the estate where Alessandro was fully in charge. When I try a truly exceptional wine, I say it “rings the bell .”This one does. The wine shows an almost musical balance between fruit, flowers, and spice notes. It is also a great everyday red. There is a picture of Medieval King Re Berardo on the label, just a reminder that this estate has been around for over one thousand years.


2019 VallePicciola Chianti Classico: Deep bright ruby. A complex blend of dark cherry, flowers, olive blossom, and spice. Depth of flavor and layered texture with a fresh, balanced finish. Uncommon charm and complexity. Excellent  21/bottle


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