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2019 Kuenhof Sylvaner + 2019 Kuenhof Riesling Kaiton

Shining Like Beacons
December 11, 2020


The Pligers

“Intense cherry color, ripe fruit, dried herbs, creamy oak, powerful, spicy with ripe tannins” Guia Penin


Kuenhof is a small estate in the Alto Adige “Sud Tirol” region of NE Italy. It is also one of the best white wine estates on the planet. Wine writers, including me, have all made note of an exciting and unique quality in these wines. That note is electric minerality. If it is a goal of a great wine to be distinctive, these wines shine like beacons

Kuenhof is owned and farmed by Peter and Brigitte Pliger. The family bought the estate 200 years ago. They only grow white grapes on their steep, rocky, mountain vineyards. They are located north east of Bolzano, almost all the way to the Austrian border. There are two places in the world where you can make great wine with Sylvaner. One of those is exactly here. The Sylvaner was brought here from Germany. The 2019 Kuenhof Sylvaner is a stunning wine, lively and complex. The 2019Kuenhof Riesling Kaiton needs time to open up and then is as classic as you can imagine. (Great value Ed)

The Pligers farm organically, use spontaneous fermentation, and make wines that also age well. Getting back to the electric minerality, I like to think that is caused every year just before harvest. Could there be a huge thunderstorm that strikes the rocky soil with powerful lightning and that electricity jazzes up the vines to the fruit? I will entertain anyone else’s explanation.


2019 Kuenhof Sylvaner:  Bright straw, green highlights. Medium to full bodied with complex fruit and floer aromas. Pit fruits, spices, and electric liveliness.  Excellent Plus  28.99/bottle

2019 Kuenhof Riesling Kaiton:  Bright straw, green highlights. Lime peel, flowers, petrol. Bright balance of lively acidity and fruit.  Excellent Plus  28.99/bottle


Special mixed case: six bottles of each of the above for a special price of $299 (24915/bottle)


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           - Peter Hemenway



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