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Wine and Soul

2018 Guru Branco and 2015 Pintas Character...A Hint of the Garden of Eden in Your Glass
March 23, 2020


Jorge Seradio Borges and Sandra Tavares da Silva

This is the story of Jorge Seradio Borges and Sandra Tavares da Silva. It is a compelling, interesting and happy story. After extensive experience making fine wine in Portugal, they decided to get together. They bought a single vineyard in the heart of the Douro region and set out to make wine that perfectly expresses the unique, exceptional terroir of the Douro. Their company is called Wine & Soul. It is an amazing project, always with an eye toward realizing a version of paradise. 

More importantly these are two people that really love dogs. Today’s wines share their names with two of their dogs, Pintas and Guru. The 2018 Wine & Soul Guru Branco is a single vineyard white field blend of four different varieties that has complexity, minerality and great freshness. The 2015 Wine & Soul Pintas Character is a red blend of native Portugese varieties and gives a rich, powerful and well integrated wine. These wines are natural and organic and they will be a unique and terrific surprise for you.



2018 Wine & Soul Guru Branco:  Deep straw with green highlights. Complex aromas and flavors including citrus and tropical with clean white pear highlights. Remarkable texture with a nutty finish.  Outstanding  52/bottle



2015 Wine & Soul Pintas Character:  Rich and powerful with black cherry, raspberry and deep plum fruit. Layered velvety balsa texture with well integrated tannins and a very long finish.  Excellent  45/bottle


Special six pack: Three bottles of each of the above for a special price of $262 (44/bottle)

Special case: Six bottles of each of the above for a special price of $495  (41/bottle)

The wines arrive this week


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           - Peter Hemenway